On-Trend Clothing Makes Breastfeeding the Easier Choice

November 22, 2013

On-Trend Clothing Makes Breastfeeding the Easier Choice

Breastfeeding is one of those natural functions, but one that can cause embarrassment for some people. It is odd to think so now, but breastfeeding in public was often frowned upon by many who felt uncomfortable seeing an infant feed – no matter how discreet the mum was.

The World Health Organization and other groups have campaigned long and hard to bring breastfeeding back into the mainstream.

It is convenient and natural for mums who don’t have to fuss with the formula routine. Breast pumps are efficient and comfortable today, making it possible for mums to leave their baby in the care of others while they take a break to catch up on sleep – or even step out for an hour or two with their partner for some quality time.

As well, fashion-forward nursing clothes, like ours at Peachymama, are available for mums who are sick of the prissy or frumpy looking styles of the past.

Fashionable, Convenient Clothing

It used to be that new mums were faced with many challenges when it came to breastfeeding – and one was that there was little clothing designed for comfortable and discreet nursing. However, breastfeeding clothing today is being designed not only for discretion, but with an eye on fashion trends – and at Peachymama we also take into consideration your post-birth body.

Changing styles and designs have focused on the less flattering areas of your body, making it easy to dress fashionably while breastfeeding. In fact, many mums are finding some of the newer breastfeeding clothing designs so comfortable that they continue to wear them even after they have weaned their little ones.

Sexy tunic style breastfeeding tops, a wide variety of colours in tanks and pretty, flirty nursing dresses are providing new mums with more choices than ever. The design of the clothing provides excellent camouflage where we need it most, while accenting our attractive full breasts with the perfect hint of cleavage – allowing you to feel more womanly and less matronly.

Patterns and Colours

In the past it seemed that fashion designers felt it appropriate for pregnant and breastfeeding women to dress in the same colours and patterns as their babies.

Today’s moms enjoy flattering, flirty patterns that are on trend, making it easier than ever to dress for any occasion from a walk in the park to a party or wedding. Nursing dresses and breastfeeding tops, as well as flattering, high waisted pants make stepping out with baby a real pleasure.

Here at Peachymama, we are dressing new moms with fashion and convenience in mind, making it easier for you to choose the healthiest diet for your little one.


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