Feeding Your Body While Breastfeeding

June 24, 2016

After baby arrives, many new mums place their focus on shedding the “baby weight” and don’t put enough energy into eating healthy, nutritious foods. Breastfeeding mums need to be particularly conscientious about their diet since what they eat will have a direct effect on the nutrition that their baby receives from her breastmilk.

Preparing healthy meals when you’re already likely exhausted and trying to adjust to this new life with you bubs can be difficult, but from a nutritional (and weight loss) perspective, it certainly is worth the added effort.

Enjoy Foods From the All Food Groups

Fruits and veggies, grains, meat and dairy are the key to new mums being able to keep their production of nutrition-packed milk up while keeping her energy levels up.

Below are the recommended servings of each of the food groups, based on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating: 



    2 servings/day
    1 medium apple, orange, banana or pear
    2 kiwi fruits, small plums or apricots
    1 cup of canned or diced fruit (avoid any added sugars!)

    PRO TIP: Keep your fridge or freezer stocked with blueberries! Not only are they incredibly nutritious, but they’re packed with carbohydrates that will help keep your energy levels high.


      5 servings/day
      ½ cup of cooked vegetables
      1 cup of raw salad or leafy greens
      ½ cup of cooked, canned or dried beans, lentils or legumes
      ½ medium potato or starchy vegetable (i.e. pumpkin, corn, sweet potato)

      PRO TIP: Swiss chard and broccoli are packed with Vitamin A and are a great non-dairy source or calcium. Buy both pre-washed and chopped at the market for a quick on-the-go meal or snack.


        6 servings/day
        1 slice of bread
        ½ cup of porridge, cooked
        ½ cup of pasta, noodles, rice, polenta or quinoa
        2/3 cup of wheat cereal flakes
        1 small English muffin, scone or crumpet

        PRO TIP: Whenever possible, choose whole grains over bleached grains for maximum nutrition. Prepare quinoa salads in advance for a fast lunch or dinner.

        Reduced Fat Dairy

          2 ½ servings/day
          1 cup (250 ml) of calcium fortified soy milk or reduced fat milk
          1 cup (250 ml) of dairy-based custard
          2 slices of cheese
          ¾ cup or yogurt

          Meat, Fish, Chicken, Eggs and Legumes

            2 ½ servings/day
            2 large eggs
            1 cup cooked chickpeas, lentils, or canned beans
            ¼ cup of nut pastes and spreads
            65g cooked lean meats (i.e. lamb, beef, veal or pork)
            80g cooked lean poultry (i.e. turkey or chicken)
            100g cooked fish fillet
            170g cooked tofu

            PRO TIP: Swordfish and Southern bluefin tuna contain high levels of mercury and should be avoided when possible. Enjoy low mercury fish at least 2 times a week, such as salmon, canned tuna and shellfish.

            Don’t Forget the Water!

            Lastly, new mums needs to make sure that they drink at least 9 glasses of water each day in order to keep milk production up and to keep herself healthy and hydrated. Get in the habit of carrying a water bottle around with you and be sure to take a few sips while breastfeeding your bubs.

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