Did You Know Australia Has Breastmilk “Banks”?

October 16, 2015

Did You Know Australia Has Breastmilk “Banks”?

The benefits of breastmilk have been widely recognised worldwide.

But despite this recognition, developed Nations have been slow to establish what are known as “breastmilk banks”.

These banks are able to provide pre-screened high quality breastmilk from other mums to support the health and development of babies who are not their own. The majority of the milk is used to help hospitalized pre-term babies who are born between 30 and 34 weeks gestation, though a growing number of breastmilk banks are providing sustenance to babies who are not prem, sick, or high risk.

A Shortage of Breastmilk Banks in Australia

There are a few hospitals across Australia which have established breastmilk banks, some only having been introduced within the past couple of years. Some of these hospitals include:

  • The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH)

  • Mercy Health Breastmilk Bank

  • Mother’s Milk Bank Pty. Ltd (a private charity located at Tweed Heads, NSW)

  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA)

  • The PREM bank (which services the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Western Australia as well as the Princess Margaret Hospital)

  • Many parts of Australia have no breastmilk banks whatsoever, such as Tasmania, ACT and the Northern Territory.

What You Can Do To Help

Breastfeeding mums often find themselves with excess milk, or some make the commitment to donate milk to banks on a regular basis. Though each establishment may have different requirements as to who may donate milk, they generally will request that:

  • The human donor is in good health

  • That the supply is in excess of the needs of his or her own baby

  • The donor is not high-risk for the transmission of blood borne diseases

  • Some will also require that the their infant is below the age of 12 months in order to donate.

Peachymama Supports You

At Peachymama, we support breastfeeding mums of all shapes and sizes. We understand the importance of milk being shared so that our youngest and most sick can receive the immunological and nutritional benefits that only breastfeeding can provide.

We also understand that breastfeeding and pumping is not without its challenges or series of setbacks.

For mums who are breastfeeding, donating, or are just looking for chic yet comfortable fashions, we have the solution for you. Our breastfeeding dresses, tanks and tops are perfect for mums who enjoy a discreet and easy feed with their bubs.

Our line of pants are comfortable and offer just enough stretch and support to make mums feel trim and fashionable.

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