Why Nursing Covers Might Not Cut It

January 15, 2016

Why Nursing Covers Might Not Cut It

When breastfeeding in public, one of the most common ‘modesty-preserving’ solutions is to drape a breastfeeding cover over your breast and bub. But is that really the ultimate solution? Could there not be another better and more comfortable way to feed your baby? The short answer is “yes!”.

Let’s explore why a feeding cover may not cut it, and then offer an ultimate solution to this every day problem which new mums face.

Feeding Cover Problem #1: The Heat

Summer has now arrived in Australia which means that the temperatures have already been sky-rocketing through most of the country. Regardless of the feeding cover you choose – whether it be airy, UV protected or “other” – it will leave your bub sweltering as she feeds nestled right up against your already hot body.

Lifting the cover offers limited airflow to your baby, and fanning the cover in an attempt to create some sort of breeze only acts as a distraction and makes the feed take longer. For most babies, a feeding cover just is not feasible in the summer.

Feeding Cover Problem #2: The Darkness

There are two problems with mums creating a dark environment for their babies while feeding:

  • The baby may become startled, upset and scared; or

  • The baby will likely fall asleep and not feed (which results in engorged breasts and a very hungry baby once she does wake up)

Neither scenario is ideal, and both can occur depending on your baby’s temperament and stage of growth. Depending on your bub, even the lightest and airiest of feeding covers can force them into panic or into sleep-mode.

Feeding Cover Problem #3: The Added Pressure

Whether it is the slight extra weight of the cover on your baby’s head or the pressure they instinctively feel coming from you to breastfeed when the cover comes out, breastfeeding covers may result in a negative breastfeeding association for your child.

The Solution: Well Tailored Nursing Clothing

At Peachymama, we have taken care to not only offer cutting edge colours and patterns to nursing mums – our goal is to create on-trend nursing clothing which will leave both mum and baby feeling comfortable during every feed.

See what we have in store for you this summer at


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