Australian Female MPs Demanding Improved Breastfeeding Rights

April 03, 2015

Australian Female MPs Demanding Improved Breastfeeding Rights

Breastfeeding once again made headlines across Australia recently when Fairfax Media shared information about government frontbencher being advised to express more breast milk prior to meeting so that she could spent more time in the chamber rather than feeding her daughter elsewhere.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, Liberal MP and new mum, Ms Kelly O’Dwyer, chose to take this issue up with Scott Buchholz, the office where the advice originated from.

Buchholz stated that he was unaware that nursing MPs were allowed to proxy vote (meaning that they are still able to vote and the vote is still counted even when they are not physically present in the chamber). After O’Dwyer took a stand on the issue, it had been resolved between all parties.

Because of this event, however, there has now been a huge push for Parliament to update its “archaic conventions” and to allow MPs to breastfeed while in the chamber.

Over A Decade Of Breastfeeding Support

Since 2003 all Australian senators are allowed to breastfeed in Parliament. This same exemption, however, does not apply in the House of Representatives. Rather than be able to breastfeed a baby in the House of Representatives, these mums who are doing double duty, can submit proxy votes. This also means, unfortunately, that they may miss out on important information which can have a huge impact on the future of our country.

An Unlikely Circumstance

Another issue which has been raised by numerous media outlets is that even if those who are present in the House of Representatives are then given the right to breastfeed there, many probably will not do so. This is because they will be regularly filmed and photographed, and many female MPs do not feel comfortable with that situation.

Breastfeeding Can Still Be Private

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