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Pregnancy Birth & Baby Helpline

December 26, 2014

24 Hour Pregnancy Birth & Baby Helpline

Since it launched in 2010 on July 1, women, partners, and other family members have been treated this free service, delivered by Healthdirect Australia on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia. It is available to help families with any questions or concerns they may have regarding pregnancy, birth, or a baby’s the year of life.

From 7am until midnight AET, a well-trained and experienced counselling team is available for families to ask questions, reach out for help, and obtain information about a variety of topics, from prenatal nutrition to breastfeeding to relationship support and health concerns.

What to Expect When You Call a Counselor

When you phone or use the video call you will be speaking to a maternal child health nurse. They provide free, non-judgemental emotional support and reassurance. The Pregnancy, Birth and Baby maternal child health nurses are registered nurses who have tertiary (university) qualifications and experience working with parents and families of children from birth to five years of age. They are trained to handle a wide range of topics:

  • Unexpected outcomes (i.e. Genetic conditions, unplanned pregnancies, miscarriages)

  • Relationship issues

  • Fertility questions

  • Adjusting to parenthood (for mums and dads)

  • Dealing with the demands of a newborn

You’re Never Alone

Not enough mums and dads talk about just how overwhelmed they feel – not only after the baby arrives, but during the pregnancy and conception as well. We all want to do our best and do everything “right”, but this pressure only adds more stress to the lives of parents, so much so that many parents feel as if they’re “losing it”. This helpline is there so that parents and their families are never alone.

Even if you just need someone to talk to about your baby or the difficult time you’re having coping with being a new parent, that’s what the counselors are there for. Whether it’s a “silly question”or a troubling concern, take advantage of this free and confidential resource and call 1800-882-436.

Contact the Pregnancy Birth and Baby HelpLine


Phone: 1800-882-436

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