Breastfeeding Tops To Invest In That Will Remain Favourites Well Into The Future

Breastfeeding Tops To Invest In That Will Remain Favourites Well Into The Future

Many practical women will not shell out a huge amount of money for maternity clothing. For them, these pieces are just a waste of money, considering how they will not be pregnant and breastfeeding again for a long time; plus, these clothing items do not come cheap. But designers these days are making maternity and breastfeeding tops and dresses that can be worn even beyond pregnancy and nursing – clothing that can age really well and would serve as reliable style must-haves for those days when comfort is quite essential.

There is a wide selection of breastfeeding tops that new mums will definitely not see as being impractical to buy; not only are these tops quite stylish and of good quality, but there is also a multitude of ways that they can be worn (whether women still need to nurse their babies or not).

One of these great pieces is the classic plain round-necked tee with a small chest pocket; this top can be paired with anything – skirts (maxi, mini, plain, print, pencil cut, A-line – all styles), shorts, denim jeans, and leggings. Women will not run out of ways to style this great and comfy top even if they need to feed their baby often. It’s important to mention as well that these T-shirts have a nice slimming effect which new mums always like.

Another cool piece is the nursing tank top. It’s cool, and it can be worn with or without a cover-up (like a cardigan, blazer, or shawl). Plus, like the classic tee, women can wear it with shorts, skirts, and all styles of pants. But perhaps what makes this piece even nicer is that it has a bit of a “peplum” style to it, making it rather trendy nowadays. And the last breastfeeding top that’s definitely worth the splurge is a long-sleeved striped one, especially in the colour similar to the Saint James shirt or in the nautical shirt style. This is a lovely top because it’s retro-sophisticated but casual.

And, like all the other tops mentioned, it can be paired with just about anything; they make great partners for cropped jeans and bold coloured shorts. Plus, to complete the nautical look (which works even if there’s no beach nearby), put on a straw Panama hat, some sassy sunglasses, minimal accessories and Canfora sandals (which women like Jackie O and Naomi Campbell like); new mums will look nicely put together with no trace of dowdiness at all.

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