Dressing for Comfort in Your Last Month of Pregnancy

Dressing for Comfort in Your Last Month of Pregnancy

The third trimester of pregnancy can be the hardest time for mums to dress up their baby bump. Many mums struggle to find the right thing to wear in their last trimester. The growing bump makes it harder to fit into old clothes, and most clothing styles are extremely uncomfortable for mums-to-be because of the frequent bathroom breaks. Additionally, buying new clothes for only one trimester often seems unnecessary. Hence, most mums-to-be just settle for a t-shirt and some lounge pants.

However, the best way to style clothes perfectly is to find comfortable clothing items. These clothing items will upgrade your pregnancy style through your last trimester and also provide postpartum comfort.

  • Joggers – Joggers are an essential part of your wardrobe due to their style and comfort. They allow mums to move freely while providing more coverage. Style your regular joggers with the perfect maternity top, or get maternity joggers for increased comfort.

  • Maternity jeans – Regular jeans can be harder to wear in the last trimester. Mums who are looking for a denim option can opt for a pair of maternity jeans. Pair distressed maternity jeans with different tops and t-shirts for the perfect blend of style and comfort. 

  • Leggings and jeggingsHigh-waisted leggings and jeggings are the most comfortable clothing item in the last trimester. Most mums appreciate the comfort that leggings provide in a relaxed, everyday look. Peachymama leggings are designed to provide comfort and style during and after pregnancy. High-waisted jeggings paired with a ruched maternity top make an ideal casual outfit. 

  • Gathered tops – Tiered, ruched and gathered tops are excellent additions for mums-to-be wardrobes. These dresses accommodate the baby bump while providing extensive styling options. Pair the tops with pants or jeans of your choice. Take your pregnancy fashion to another level by styling the tops with a flowy, maxi skirt.

  • Bodycon dresses – Bodycon dresses are great for styling your bump. The comfortable dresses perfectly accentuate your bump. With a bodycon dress, it takes little time to get ready and look your best self. Style it up by layering a chambray shirt or t-shirt over it and tie a knot over the baby bump. They make an excellent outfit for your pregnancy photos. 

  • T-shirt and tank dresses – No matter what the weather is like, these dresses will keep you comfortable all day long. In the summers, t-shirt and tank dresses hug your bump perfectly. In winters, you can layer a cardigan to style them and to stay warm. Peachymama's extensive collection of t-shirt dresses and tank dresses will fit you well during your pregnancy. These dresses, made of breathable fabric, will also be the perfect postpartum casual wear.

  • Cardigans – Layering the right cardigan can make you the best-dressed mum all-around. Cardigans help you stay cosy during the colder days. They can also be used as a nursing cover over a maternity top when your bub arrives. 

  • Long dresses – Maxi and midi dresses are perfect for any pregnancy. During the third trimester, long dresses can give you coverage while making you feel confident in your body. Wearing a dress during the last trimester can make you look rounder if not worn right. For the best results, tie a belt over your baby bump and accentuate it.

  • Skirts – Pair long, flowy skirts with maternity tops for comfort in the last trimester. Peachymama’s maxi and midi postpartum skirts work great with any of their maternity tops for the perfect pregnancy style. These items will not only look great on you during the last trimester but also be great additions to your postpartum wardrobe.

At Peachymama we have a range of clothes that will look great on you during your final stages of pregnancy, as well as being comfortable post-partum - especially if you are breastfeeding. Explore the rangehere

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