Why New Mums Love Gift Cards

Some may believe that gift cards lack that personal touch, but ask almost any new mum and she will tell you that gift cards are much appreciated. If you are debating on whether or not you should continue searching for that “perfect gift” for your pregnant or new mum friend, consider saving yourself tons of time and purchasing a gift card for her instead for these 4 reasons:

They Are Thoughtful

A common misconception about gift cards is that they make the gift that you are giving seem “unthoughtful”. While this may be true in some circumstances (i.e. giving a young lady with a penchant for shoes and fashion a gift card to a hardware store is by no means thoughtful), a carefully considered and well planned gift card which caters to the current or near future needs of an individual will be warmly appreciated.

They Are Perfect For Online Shopping

Almost every gift card in existence today is accepted online. This means that the pregnant mum who may feeling too uncomfortable to spend hours cruising around a mall or the new mum who is barely awake enough during daylight hours to reliably scan through clothing racks has access to the clothing items they are interested in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They Are The Perfect Excuse To Get Out

Whether you are on bed rest and looking for a great excuse to get out for a very brief stroll or you are a new mum who needs a bit of a “mummy break”, gift cards are the perfect excuse to get out and get something that you’ll love.

They Are The Perfect Way To Shop For Clothes

Friends and family members who have never experienced the wonder of pregnancy and giving birth may not be familiar with how having a bub can change a new mum’s shape. By giving a mum a gift card, not only are you giving her the power to choose which pieces she will include in brand new wardrobe. You are giving her the opportunity to purchase the items she really needs in order to function and feel fabulous.

Why New Mums Love Gift Cards Infographic

At Peachymama, we pride ourselves on offering only the most stylish fashions which accommodate the unique needs of breastfeeding mums. We are happy to now offer gift cards which are redeemable online with no extra or “secret” activation fees.

See what we have in store for you (or your pregnant or breastfeeding friend) atPeachymama.com.au.

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