Breastfeeding Tops

Australian owned Peachymama began as an idea in 2007 when Merril Bainbridge was nursing her baby daughter. 

The only breastfeeding tops she found to wear were designed like maternity tops with a shape made for a pregnant body. The trouble was, she wasn't pregnant anymore.

So she designed a range ofbreastfeeding clothing that fit and flatter your post baby body, with clever openings that allow you to discreetly feed your baby wherever you need to.

Breastfeeding top - black and white stripe - PeachymamaTie Front Breastfeeding Top - Peachymama

Her whole philosophy is that your breastfeeding clothes should not fit like maternity clothes. You need to feel excited again about your body and one of the best way's to do this is to wear tops and dresses that look good on and you feel good in.


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