How Peachymama Nursing Clothes Work For Easy Breastfeeding

Hi, I'm Merril and I'm here today just to show you how our breastfeeding tops work.

The majority of our tops and dresses have a layering effect over the bust which is very simple. You just lift up the top layer, pull down the bottom which has elastic at the top so it would stay up. Pull down. Unclip your bra and breastfeed.That’s essentially how our breastfeeding tops work.

Now you can get really fast at doing this and its quite discrete, so most people will not even realize that you are wearing a breastfeeding top which is pretty handy, which means you can wear these tops well after you finish breastfeeding and get a load of wear out of them.

I hope you enjoy wearing them as I did when I was breastfeeding.


Hi, I'm Merril from the Breastfeeding label Peachymama, and I'm here just to show you this little piece from our range.

It's our breastfeeding slip dress. It's an undergarment, and you can wear it with all of our dresses as it has the same lift-up pull-down opening. It also has adjustable straps so you can wear it, and it will fit everybody. It's great for having a double layer if you need that extra warmth, perhaps in autumn or winter. Wonderful with our wrap dress, cross over wrap dress, also with your existing dresses. So if you have a favorite dress that you think you can't wear anymore, pop this underneath, and it's your breastfeeding dress as well.

So I hope you enjoy it. I personally think it's a must have for every breastfeeding woman.

Hi, I'm Merril from the Breastfeeding label, Peachymama. I'm here today just to show you how our breastfeeding dresses work.

The majority of our dresses have an overlay, so the top layer is lifted with the underneath being pulled down so you can unclip your bra and breastfeed easily, discreetly, comfortably. And then you just pop it back.That’s generally how our breastfeeding tops work.

This one has a tie at the back so you can tighten it as much as you want or have it looser if that`s more comfortable. It's also designed to fit just over the top of the midriff so that you are covering that section up.

As a lot of women really want that part to be covered after they`ve had their baby. It is designed with the postpartum body in mind which makes this dress really popular. It's been one of our best sellers. It's called the Vavavoom, comes in many different colors, and I hope you enjoy wearing it.


Hi, I'm Merril, the designer of the breastfeeding label, Peachymama.  I'm here today just to explain to you why it is I started the label and how it came about.

When I was pregnant I put on quite a bit of weight and I'm a very slight person. So I was amazed at the difference in having a thin body and being able to wear anything I liked and having a big wide range of choice to suddenly having no choice at all.  So I decided that I wanted something, I wanted to design something that was comfortable that sat across my bust line and my new postpartum body but was still flattering and I felt good in it. 

So our philosophy at Peachymama is that you feel great, you're comfortable, you can feed easily but you look good as well.  You feel that you look good and that's the most important thing I think for moms that are breastfeeding.  You've got so many other things to think about.  You haven't got much time to spend on yourself, so it's nice to get something that's comfortable, that you know you look good in, that you can just throw it on and get out there and do what you have to do and not have to think about it too much.

So that's the way this whole label has been designed so that you can keep wearing the clothes too when you finish breastfeeding or put them away until you have your next baby.That’s how our nursing clothes work. You can bring them out again and they still will last and look good.  So our philosophy is that women should have access to fashion, fashionable clothes at this time in their lives, it's I think, the most important thing and it's time to focus on yourself a little bit as well even though you have got a lot of focus on your baby, of course.

And that's always going to be a priority so we want to make it easy for the breastfeeding mom to just get online, get your clothes, they get delivered to you, and you put them on and they're great.  And if they don't fit right and you don't feel comfortable, you just send them back and you can get your money back.  No problem, no hassle.  And that's what we want for moms out there, to support women and to give them choice and to empower them to do the best they can with this most important job I think.

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