How Peachymama Nursing Slips Work

Hi, I'm Merril from the Breastfeeding label Peachymama, and I'm here just to show you this little piece from our range.

It's our breastfeeding slip dress. It's an undergarment, and you can wear it with all of our dresses as it has the same lift-up pull-down opening. It also has adjustable straps so you can wear it, and it will fit everybody. It's great for having a double layer if you need that extra warmth, perhaps in autumn or winter. Wonderful with our wrap dress, cross over wrap dress, also with your existing dresses. So if you have a favorite dress that you think you can't wear anymore, pop this nursing slip underneath, and it's your breastfeeding dress as well.

So I hope you enjoy it. I personally think it's a must have for every breastfeeding woman.