Oooh Bamboo!

Peachymama uses natural bamboo fabrics in breastfeeding tops

Peachymama has partnered with a specialised knit fabric mill who has developed a super soft, high quality bamboo fabric specifically for our garments.

Our bamboo fabrics are luxurious to touch and durable.

Super soft

Bamboo fabrics are softer than cotton with a texture similar to a blend of cashmere and silk.


Bamboo fibre has natural antibacterial properties.

Absorption & Ventilation

Bamboo fibre naturally wicks sweat and moisture away from the body, leaving the wearer cool and comfortable.


Bamboo grows in poor soil and is naturally resistant to most pests, needing no pesticides or fertilisers for commercial growing. It is also one of the fastest growing plants in the World and once harvested, can replenish itself within a year.

Climate Friendly

Bamboo crops absorb more carbon dioxide from the air than either cotton or timber.


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