Fashion Lessons Learned from Celebrity Mums

Fashion Lessons Learned from Celebrity Mums

As new mums, very often the combination of sleepless nights and breastfeeding conspire to have us dressing less like ourselves and more like someone we no longer recognize. 

Celebrity mums seem to have a few secrets that keep them looking casual yet recognizable. Looking at them I figured it couldn’t be that hard to stay comfortable in breastfeeding clothes and still look great.

Remember your Look

Remember the look you used to love? Well there is no reason you can’t continue to look that way with less effort than you might think. First, consider styles that will be flattering to your new body. Even if you know you will lose that extra weight in a few months, don’t deprive yourself of a few pieces of clothing that you can wear right now. Whether it’s a pair of high waisted pants in black that you can wear out to the shops but also out for coffee with the local mums, or a couple of blazers or cardis you can mix and match with your breastfeeding tanks and dresses – still shop like you always have to stay in touch with your inner fashion maven.

Don’t Settle

If you are doing chores or just relaxing about the house, that’s the time to go for comfort over fashion – but don’t let this become your new look. Instead, make sure when you go out you are looking your best. Don’t settle for a breastfeeding top that looks like something you wouldn’t wear if you weren’t a mum. Look for styles you really like. There are gorgeous breastfeeding shirts, tees and tanks that you can buy these days without settling on something that makes you avoid looking in the mirror on the way out the door. Having an assortment of breastfeeding clothes will make getting dressed something to look forward to – and not something you dread and avoid.

Think like a Celebrity

The biggest difference between us and celebrities is that they can never step out the door thinking they won’t bump into someone they know. They will always be watched and therefore they have to find ways to look good with as little effort as possible. Celebrities wear fashionable, funky sunglasses to look more put together if they don’t have time for makeup. Lipstick takes a second but gives them that finished look. It just takes a little effort and you’ll feel all the better for it.

Here at Peachymama, you can indulge your fashion maven and your nurturing mother side to get an effortless stylish look. Are there new-mum celebrity looks that you either love or hate? Share them here!

Photo byTamara Bellis onUnsplash

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