Gift Cards

Ordering & Redeeming a Gift Card is a simple process

If Gift Cards are available in your Country, simply purchase a Gift Card just like any other item in the Peachymama store.

The Gift Card is then delivered to the email address you provide at checkout. You can choose to either forward the Gift Card on to the lucky recipient or print it out and give it to her.

She can redeem the value of her Gift Card when she shops with Peachymama, by simply adding the Gift Card number to the 'Coupon' section of the Checkout.

Her Order is complete. Easy.

     Why a Gift Card is the Perfect Gift For New Mums 

    Buy Peachymama Gift Cards For New Mothers Breastfeeding Clothing Sale


    If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for the new mum in your life, consider a Peachymama gift card.

    Here are just a few of the reasons why...

    It gives her the power of choice

    No one should assume what a new mum needs in terms of postpartum attire. From sizes and shapes to colours and features, a gift card allows your dear friend or loved one to choose what she wants and needs.

    It’s a gift just for her

    Tuck some cash into a card or give her a gift card for a big box retail store, and there’s a good chance that gift will be spent on items needed for her bubs or her household – not on herself.

    Giving a new mum a Peachymama gift card means that she can splurge on something that will make her feel like the gorgeous new mama she is. You’re giving her the gift of treating herself to something that will give her confidence, brighten her day, and put a smile on her face.

    It’s great for online shopping

    Trying to get out the door with a new baby (and all that baby gear!) is an exhausting endeavour. And nothing can be more frustrating than trying to shop online when you don’t have your credit card ready to go at checkout.

    Peachymama gift cards make shopping online a breeze. New mums don’t need to worry about disrupting their nursing or sleeping baby to rush about their home in search of their purse. All it takes is one simple card to order beautiful on-trend nursing attire that will arrive right at her front door in a matter of days.

    About ordering Peachymama gift cards

    Our Peachymama gift cards can be purchased online without any extra processing fees.

    Once purchased, your gift card will be delivered by email, and you can then forward the email to your friend or print it out. Each gift card is accompanied with detailed instructions on how it can be redeemed at checkout.

    If you have any troubles or questions about using our Peachymama gift cards, please send us a message – we’re here to help you.


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