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Be free to breastfeed in breathable clothes you love!

Peachymama® is Australia's post-pregnancy, nursing wear specialist.

Before Peachymama®, maternity brands thought it was a good idea for their maternity clothes to double as nursing wear. We all get that they’re trying to promote value for money here, but we all know what’s going to be missing after baby’s born.

The bump.

Now all that extra fabric that was so useful in pregnancy, just kinda hangs there.

So here at Peachymama we simply wanted to offer new season styles with a clever, hidden nursing function so you can go out looking amazing and not have to be concerned about breastfeeding in public.

Our carefully curated garments have just the right balance of style and function, making them one of the few ‘baby-era’ items still being worn by Peachymama customers long after they’ve finished breastfeeding.

Our customer reviews are the compelling truth of  our hard work behind the scene to give you value for money and quality products to face the challenges in your breastfeeding journey

“…it has significantly reduced my anxiety about needing to feed while out as a FTM.” - Amy M. (Peachymama Customer Review, 2022)

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