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About Us

Peachymama is Australia’s fastest growing Breastfeeding Clothing Brand and founded by Merril Bainbridge, the US Hit Singer Songwriter who left at the height of a successful music career to start her family.

While breastfeeding her baby, she wanted a better choice of clothing, something a little less ‘maternity’ for her new post-pregnant body and so she set about designing her own.

Merril’s love of fashion, colourful prints and fabrics came from working in Australia’s Fashion design industry in the years before her musical success.

Today, Peachymama offers new exciting designs to breastfeeding women at a time when they most need it.

And now Peachymama is your opportunity to find the kind of style, fit, prints and fabrics you’ll really love to wear everyday.


I design nursing tops, tank tops and breastfeeding dresses that fit so well, you'll love to wear them long after you've finished breastfeeding.

Why I Started Peachymama

I began working on Peachymama a few years ago when I was breastfeeding my daughter.

I was wanted to get back into clothes that made me feel like myself again but found there wasn't much available that was my style, that looked good and allowed me to breastfeed all at the same time.

So I threw myself into designing a range of clothing specifically for a new mum with an after birth body - not a pregnant one - because after my baby was born the last thing I wanted to wear were my old pregnancy clothes or anything that fitted like them!

The clothes also had to reflect the current fashion and not just be about the function of feeding my baby. After all, why can't you have both?

That's why Peachymama is all about colour, fabrics and style

I love clothes and fashion and I’m excited about what Peachymama can offer you - that you'll be excited about your clothes again, too.

Your breastfeeding clothes should fit differently to maternity clothes.

You're not pregnant anymore. So why wear maternity clothes for breastfeeding? It doesn't make sense.

When I was developing the Peachymama style I found that most breastfeeding clothes available were based on a maternity wear pattern, a particular cut of the garment that is made to fit a pregnant belly.

The nursing wear that was offered by these brands turned out to be just an extension of these styles with an added opening for breastfeeding.

And now that you're not pregnant anymore and your body has a different shape, those maternity clothes won't fit like they did before and the breastfeeding versions probably won't fit either. And to make things worse,  you still can't fit into all those wonderful clothes you had before you were pregnant. 

Our clothes are specially designed for your after birth body.

So, we'd like to offer you a solution that we think you'll enjoy. Peachymama clothes aren't designed to hide your body in a floppy sack, but to shape it in a way that accentuates all your body's beautiful curves while disguising the bits you'd rather not show.

We use good quality materials in flattering prints and colours and because we provide nursing wear to customers all over the World, we offer both Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter Collections at the same time.

Our team test all our fabrics for shrinkage and wearability, by actually wearing them daily. 

And yes, you can imagine we get quite excited by all the wonderful prints we keep finding. But alongside our prints, the Basics Collection provides you a selection of everyday garments that can be easily mixed and matched with your favourite Peachymama garments or items from your current wardrobe.

How our Breastfeeding Tops Work

How Breastfeeding Tops Work

For the breastfeeding part, I've designed an opening that's part of the style, made so that you can feed your baby comfortably, easily and discreetly in public without the need for extra nursing covers or shawls. It works beautifully.

Keep Wearing Your Peachymama

We've also found that many of our customers keep wearing their Peachymama clothes after they've finished breastfeeding - which we're all rather happy about.

When it comes to your Order, we try to make things easy for you and always try to despatch it the same day because we know how difficult it can be when you have a small baby to take care of.

How can We Help?

We are always available by phone or email for advice on size, style or anything else you think of. You may even place your order over the phone (1300 473 224) if it makes it easier for you, we'd be happy to help. Just keep in mind the time difference as we are located in Melbourne, Australia.

All the Best,

Merril and The Peachymama Girls..

Size Chart

So that you get an accurate measurement using our sizing chart make sure you wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust and hips. When measuring your bust it is recommended you wear your breastfeeding/nursing bra. 

If you’re not sure or need some help please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 473 224 or email us here.

Please download the PDF version of our Sizing Chart here.

Simple Version

(Peachymama Sizes = Australian Sizes)

XS = 8-10

S = 10-12

M = 12-14

L = 14-16

Detailed Version