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Be free to breastfeed in clothes you love!

Peachymama® is the post-pregnancy, nursing wear specialist.

About Peachymama®: The Fashionably UnMaternity Nursing Wear Brand

A long time ago, before we started Peachymama®, someone thought it was a good idea for their 3rd trimester maternity clothes to double as nursing wear.

Yes, I get the economy of the idea but we all know what’s missing after baby’s born. The bump. 

Now all that extra fabric that was so useful in accommodating our bump, just kinda hangs there.

Then one day a fashion designer turned singer-songwriter, who’d recently had her baby and was breastfeeding like crazy, decided to make her own tops and dresses for her new, after-baby body. 

She wanted to wear the new season styles but with a clever little hidden nursing function… and of course, no extra mountain of fabric for the 3rd trimester bump she didn’t have anymore. 

This idea was such a hit that all the other moms around her wondered if they could also have the same.

And so Peachymama® was born, the first un-maternity nursing wear brand that begins with the unique shape of your after-baby body, adds a touch of new season style, some clever breastfeeding access, natural fabrics and ethical manufacture. 

The result is a piece of clothing that has just the perfect balance of gorgeous and function. Making it one of the few ‘baby-era’ items you’ll probably still be wearing long after you’ve finished breastfeeding.

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About Merril...

Merril Bainbridge - Founder of Peachymama

Singer & songwriter, Merril Bainbridge is a mother of two and the founder & CEO of Peachymama®.

Merril made a choice at the height of her busy International music career to put her new born baby first and left the business behind her.

Before music, Merril had a professional career in the fashion industry as a skilled sample machinist and fashion designer. 

She used this experience to create what would later become, Peachymama®.

At the heart of the brand is Merril’s belief that wearing clothes that look good & fit well goes a long way in helping a new mother feel more empowered during one of the most exciting, rewarding and challenging times of her life.

Curious to know more? Visit Merril's official website here.

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