Wrap Baby Carrier


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This wrap carrier uses a cool and breathable bamboo/cotton blend fabric with just the right amount of stretch to keep your baby safe and snug in warm or cool weather.

Using a traditional baby wrap carrier design as used by thousands of mums around the World, the Peachymama®’s Baby Wrap Carrier provides natural orthopaedic benefits for your baby, helping with correct positioning for their hips and spine and ergonomic benefits for you, easing the strain on your back & arms. 

Comes with its own natural cotton, mesh storage bag.

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Bamboo 60% / Cotton 40%

Garment Care

Wash according to instructions on care label.

Our Story...

Before Peachymama®, maternity brands thought it was a good idea for their 3rd trimester maternity clothes to double as nursing wear.

We all get the economy of the idea, but we also know what’s going to be missing after baby’s born.

The bump.

Now all that extra fabric that was so useful in pregnancy, just kinda hangs there.

Then one day a fashion designer turned singer-songwriter, who’d recently had her baby and was breastfeeding like crazy, decided to make her own clothes for her new, after-baby body.

She simply wanted new season styles with a clever little hidden nursing function so she could go out looking amazing and not worry about breastfeeding in public.

Turns out, all the other mothers around her wanted the same thing.

And so Peachymama® was born, the only nursing wear brand that begins its designs with the unique shape of a mother’s after-baby body.

It’s a garment that has just the right balance of gorgeous and function, making it one of the few ‘baby-era’ items still being worn by Peachymama customers long after they’ve finished breastfeeding.

Be free to breastfeed in clothes you love!

Peachymama® is the only nursing wear brand that begins with the unique shape of your after-baby body and then gives you new season style & discreet breastfeeding access.

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