Five Baby Shower Gifts Especially for Mum

Five Baby Shower Gifts Especially for Mum

If you are attending a baby shower soon why not focus a little on mum instead?

After all, she is starting a new life too and she will need a few items to make things a little easier for her once the baby arrives.

Here are five gift ideas all new mums will appreciate:

1. Hair S.O.S. Kit: A lot of new mums can receive unexpected guests all wanting to see the baby or offer a helping hand. Or sometimes she is going to have to get out of the house when she feels a little stir crazy. A hair S.O.S. kit will help her get ready quick. Give her a collection of pretty hair bands, elastics and clips so she can get her hair off her face ready to face the day. Throw in some dry shampoo products so she can look and feel fresh on 'time poor' days. You can even offer a cute hat and some bandannas she can throw on for when all else fails.

2. Breastfeeding Tanks: If she plans to nurse give her a few pretty breastfeeding tank tops that will offer her a few colour choices throughout the week to make it easier to feed wherever she is. These will also give her something comfortable yet attractive to slip on in the morning - and look great.

3. Breastfeeding Kit: Breastfeeding can throw a few curve balls at new mums. Help her get ready with a breastfeeding kit with the following:

  • 100 percent lanolin cream such asMedela to keep her nipples healthy and pain free
  • 100 percent cotton flannel washable breast pads
  • Hydrogel pads to offer some cooling for hot, sore breasts
  • Nursing tank tops for support and convenience
  • Nursing pillow for comfortable positioning

4. Nursing Tops: Buy her a really pretty nursing top or two that she can wear when going out. New mums sometimes forget that their postpartum body will require some new clothes for the first six months to a year. She will appreciate having something pretty to wear that makes her look and feel great.

5. Fashionable Large Bag: Although “diaper” bags have come a long way since our mums were raising us, it is still nice to have a large, fashionable bag to carry around all of that baby gear. Look for something she can wear on her shoulder to avoid touching her sensitive breasts.

At Peachymama, we are happy to help you choose from a lovely assortment of nursing tanks and breastfeeding tops and dresses that she’ll thank you for.

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