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Avoid These Nursing Bra Buying Mistakes

March 25, 2016

Avoid These Nursing Bra Buying Mistakes

Our specialty here at Peachymama is breastfeeding clothes that make you look good. And we know a a good deal about the things we wear under them, like nursing bras.

In the past we've often talked about our biggest mistakes when buying a nursing bra and so now the girls have come up with a few suggestions:

Buying Too Large A Cup Size

One of the most prevalent myths about buying a breastfeeding bra is that the bra should have extra room in the cup.

Today’s nursing pads are so slim that you should not need any additional room to accommodate them, and the best bras out there will have a stretchy fabric on the top so that the cup will continue fit you perfectly as your breasts change size during the day.

Trying To Fit Into Cup-Specific Bras Right After Birth

Immediately after the birth of your bub, your breasts will change shape and size in more ways than you may have ever imagined.

Because of these major fluctuations in breast size, don’t stress about fitting into a particular size of cup. Instead pick a bra that is seamless and has stretchy cups so you will still be provided with support while remaining comfortable.

Buying Your Bra Too Soon

Step into any maternity shop which sells nursing bras and the sales person will likely try to suggest that you be fitted and immediately try on an assortment of bras.

Our best advice: do not even think of being professionally fitted until you are at least 8 months pregnant.

Your breasts will change drastically after the birth of your baby and their size will not ‘stabilise’ until around 8 weeks after the birth (by this time your body will have learned how to regulate its milk supply).

Choosing The Wrong Band Size

When you go in to try on nursing bras when you are around 8 months pregnant, pay particular attention to the band of the bra.

The bra should fit comfortably when on the loosest hook and eye. Then, as your rib cage contracts after birth, you can be sure that your nursing bra will continue to provide you with the comfort and support you need.

There are a lot of different nursing bra styles on the market today, from your every day basic bras to soft cups and fashion bras. Each one of our breastfeeding tops or dresses accommodates a nursing bra and provides mums with almost instant access to so that you and bubs can enjoy an easy and uninterrupted feed.

Start piecing together your perfect breastfeeding wardrobe today!


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