Winter Fashions Promise Fun, Fabulous Feminine Style

Winter Fashions Promise Fun, Fabulous Feminine Style

It is always a bit of a tragedy when you have to trade in your sandals for a pair of Uggs (although some of us love our Uggs all year round!). But the good news is that this winter promises a lot more fun fashion as well as fabulous classic colour combos, including sophisticated black and white. Let’s take a look at what’s out there this year.

A Bit of Cover

Some of you might be sighing with relief that you have a chance to cover up your postpartum bodies with the arrival of winter. Well that’s understandable because I know it takes time to get back to feeling and looking like your old self again. The southern hemisphere Autumn and Winter fashions bring some great cover up solutions, as well as some funky cuts and patterns.

Manning Cartel has a lot of fun jackets and cardis that are perfect to offer a little bit of courage when stepping out this winter, and black and white in geometric patterns looked fabulous. Fleur Wood, Basque and Wayne Cooper are just a few of the designers who incorporated lots of black and white into their Autumn/Winter collections.

You can wear these cute cover ups with items such as our black high waisted pants, or look for some leggings in complementary colours. You can also mix it up a bit with tone-on-tone patterns with a more contrasting addition such as a black and white striped breastfeeding tops. And what is topping off the whole look? Beanies!

Geometrics and Dresses

A pretty way to soften your look is to layer dresses in bold geometrics with a simple cardigan or jacket. New mums will feel smashing with the layered look, but also feel comfy with the convenience of one of our breastfeeding dresses.

Also keep an eye out for maxi dresses in black and white or brightly coloured geometrics – great for keeping your legs warm and covered if you don’t feel like living in long pants all winter. This is a pretty, feminine look made a little more hip by keeping tapping into the monochrome and geometric trend.

At Peachymama, our maxi dress design that incorporates a tie front cardi and dress in one easy piece is available in smashing black and white, and ticks all the boxes for the cooler months.


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