It's OK to be Fashion-Normal: The “Normcore” Movement

It's OK to be Fashion-Normal: The “Normcore” Movement

Every Spring and Autumn, the fashion-focused chatter with excitement in anticipation of what their favourite designers will be sending down the runway this season. What colours will be in? What styles will be trending? Just what should we all be wearing if we want to look hip and stylish?

Well, it seems that this time around designers – and many fashionistas – have taken a page from 20 years ago and are now revisiting the mom and dad-jean denim and turtleneck fashion revolution that hit the scene back in 1994.

What we’re talking about is “normcore”, a (dare we say) “hot” fashion movement that’s sweeping the globe. To get a sense of what this new fashion movement is about, think back to what shows you were enjoying on the television at that time.

But what exactly is normcore?

Normcore: its basically wearing socks with sandals.... no, really....The Fashion-Normal The term “normcore”, first coined by New York magazine, is used to describe the idea of celebrating one’s likeness or sameness to another. It’s about looking just like other people and blending in rather than standing out or rebelling against societal norms. Its ironically really a non-fashion movement that’s currently strutting down the runways.

Here are some key normcore items that you probably already have stashed away somewhere:

  • Tracksuit pants

  • Cotton jersey

  • White socks

  • Pair of Crocs or sandals or flip flops

  • Baseball cap

  • Turtleneck Sweater

  • Loose fitting, Relaxed jeans

  • Flannel shirt

Finding Yourself In The Normcore Movement

Here’s what’s perhaps most frightening or impressive (depending on how you look at it) part of the normcore movement: you can become part of it without even trying!

Many of us have that dated pair of denim that we wear on our “making a quick run to the supermarket” days, and a windbreaker that is really just that – a windbreaker – and not a piece of “non-expression” as this hipster movement would claim it to be.

So if you never thought of yourself as being fashion-forward before and have a penchant for those “back of the closet” clothes you just haven’t gotten around to giving away yet, you’re in luck! New mums can blend their old stray pieces of ‘normal’ fashion, comfy pants and shoes with one of our Peachymama breastfeeding tops and be in the height of ’normcore' fashion.

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