Why Choosing Well Made Breastfeeding Tops Matters

Why Choosing Well Made Breastfeeding Tops Matters

To people who aren't mothers, for breastfeeding women the issue of finding the right clothing to allow for nursing may not seem like such a problem.

How hard can it be, they may think, to lift your shirt up so that the baby can feed at her breast, and then to pull it down after the nursing is done? After all, the mum is often at home, so exposing herself to other people or feeling uncomfortable shouldn't be something to think about.

What many people fail to consider, however, is that mums have quite a number of concerns relevant to the type of clothing she wears while nursing her baby. Provided below are just a couple:

1. A woman's body changes after giving birth.

You may have gotten used to seeing a pregnant relative or friend sporting loose dresses and tops to accommodate her tummy, but after the baby has arrived, those maternity clothes won't be a good fit anymore. Sure, they're loose, but that doesn't automatically translate to comfort.

Many mums would like to wear clothes that offer a good fit for some body parts (that have decreased in size somewhat) while still providing ample cover for other parts (which are still undergoing changes and they'd rather not show just yet). Covering it all in a large shapeless dress is not only uncomfortable, but also makes mums look frumpy — and they want to be able to regain some sense of normalcy after giving birth, even in just making small changes to the way they dress.

2. Breastfeeding takes place several times a day, so mums need clothes that enable them to accomplish this without obstacles — both inside and outside the home.

Few mums stay completely confined to their homes throughout the period of nursing; they will need to go out and about to run errands, attend to the household's needs, and meet with family and friends. Pulling up and yanking down an over-sized shirt every time she needs to breastfeed is not an option, and those shawls and cover-ups can be uncomfortable for the baby. Maternity clothes simply aren't designed to meet the needs of a breastfeeding woman.

So what, then, would be a suitable solution? The answer would be specially designed breastfeeding tops that are truly meant to help mothers nurse their babies without the discomfort of pulling up their clothes or exposing themselves in public.

A thoughtfully made breastfeeding top would have an opening that is part of the garment's style — you can simply lift up or pull down this opening to expose the breast to your baby and nurse discreetly, even in public. These tops would generally be cut to shape just above the tummy, and will cascade loosely over the tummy and hips, to allow for comfortable movement and effective breastfeeding while maintaining just the right fit.

It's also a big plus that designers of these special breastfeeding clothes keep mums' desire to dress in style in mind. These tops come in both basic colours as well as flattering prints and designs to go with the current season. So they can be easily mixed and matched with other breastfeeding clothes or pieces from a mum's own wardrobe to put together a functional yet attractive outfit.

With well-made breastfeeding clothes, mums can properly nurse their babies while looking and feeling good and comfortable — that's a win all around.

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