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Regaining Your Pre Baby Sense of Style and Self

November 20, 2015

Regaining Your Pre Baby Sense of Style and Self

Are you a new mum who is feeling the effects of sleepless nights, a lack of structure, and the need to change your clothes multiple times in a day due to unexpected baby related spills and messes? If this is you, we know only too well that it can be hard to move away from ‘comfort clothes’.

Give Yourself Some Love

When you are adapting to the 24/7 demands that come with being a new mum, it can be difficult to remember that you are just as important as the precious little miracle who has come into your life. Sometimes it feels like you barely have a moment to yourself, and you can certainly forget the idea of making bold new fashion statements. Who can, when your biggest achievement after a sleepless night might be just successfully locating a matching top and pants.

On days like this it can be hard to muster up enough energy to give any thought to looking and feeling good. This is why the team at Peachymama has designed a range of clothing for new mums that puts you back on the road to feeling refreshed, looking stylish and taking on every day with a renewed sense of confidence and energy. Let’s look at some examples of how a few specific pieces can do just that.

Out For Lunch?

Are you breastfeeding the little one but have organised to meet a friend for lunch? Try one of our simply stunning and very vibrant wrap, pinafore, or swing dresses. Each piece is specifically designed for breastfeeding mums who want to feel good about themselves, while still being able to feed their baby in comfort.

Feeling good = feeling confident, and feeling confident = feeling beautiful.

Some Business To Attend to?

Meeting with the bank manager to sign some documents and need something formal but comfortable? Perhaps you should opt for our basic black high waisted pants, designed with new mums in mind. Whether you’ve had a natural birth or a C-section, these pants will support your belly comfortably and reliably. There is no tight elastic to irritate stitches, and no seams or unflattering lines. Look good and feel supported from waist to toe.

Home Barbie Time?

Having family over for a casual bbq and it feels like a T-shirt kind of day? Peachymama has got you covered here too. How about checking out our Nursing T-shirt? Made with a soft fabric and loose fit design, these tees are sized generously with comfort and style in mind. Like our popular tank tops, our tees also sport a discreet double layered front piece so that you can feed bubs anywhere while maintaining privacy.

No matter whether you are at home for the day, or heading out and about, Peachymama has gorgeous clothing items that will give you the boost you deserve so that you feel and look great.

Check out our latest breastfeeding clothes range at


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