How Post-Partum Yoga Benefits Mum And Bubs

How Post-Partum Yoga Benefits Mum And Bubs

A lot of new mums feel a strong drive to start exercising as soon as their doctor or midwife gives them medical clearance. While some may join “mummy and me” walking groups and others hit the gym, yoga has quickly become one of the most preferred methods to get back into shape.

Why Yoga?

Yoga was originally developed in India as a form of meditation. But apart from relieving stress, it also delivers a number of important benefits for mums including:

  • An improvement in posture
  • An improvement in sleep
  • A reduction in blood pressure
  • A normalised weight

Another reason why many new mums choose yoga is because there are several classes offered at gyms and community centers which focus solely on post-partum yoga exercises and even incorporate your bubs into your exercise. Some classes include poses for baby which can solve problems such as crying and colic.

What To Have In Your Yoga Bag

Preparation is key in order for you to have the best yoga session (or “practice” as yogis call it) possible with your bub. Dress your baby wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing for the workout, bring one or two favourite toys, and, depending on bubs age, bring some snacks along.

For yourself, you should make sure that you have packed:

  • A yoga or exercise mat
  • A yoga block (optional but useful)
  • A water bottle
  • A medium support exercise bra (you will not be jumping or moving quickly so you do not need high support)
  • Breastpads (optional)
  • A tank or tee

Yoga pants or supportive maternity pants

At Peachymama, we have a wide range of tanks and tees which are perfect for wearing before, during and after a workout. Our shirts make it easy for you to flip up or pull down your exercise bra so you can then discreetly feed your bubs right there in the gym or yoga studio.

A lot of new mums also use our high wasted post pregnancy pants as yoga pants. We have three different styles – narrow bootleg, skinny leg and three quarter gathered – all of which not only can be worn as stylish yoga pants, but which will provide much needed additional tummy support and control. Because the pants are seamless, they will also not rub against and irritate any sensitive areas.

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