Breastfeeding Tips from Novice Mums

Breastfeeding Tips from Novice Mums

Nursing truly is a personal experience between you and your baby. Every mum and child’s experience will be different, including mums of more than one, from one baby to her next. We’ve got the scoop from several veteran mums about how every mother can make the breastfeeding experience go more smoothly and easily, starting with the fact that it’s not always as simple as we think. 

1. “Natural” Doesn’t Mean “Easy”

For some mums and their babies, breastfeeding will come smoothly and naturally. But the fact is, the majority of mums will experience some type of trouble while attempting to feed at some point. A study that was published in “Pediatrics” journal in 2012 pointed out that over two-thirds of mums encountered difficulties while breastfeeding.

Now to the tip portion of this: relax, take it easy, and have patience. Mums who expect to be able to do this because it’s “natural” will undoubtedly become unnecessarily frustrated by the process. Accept that there will likely be trying times, and be armed to deal with that. Which brings us to the next tip:

2. Educate Yourself

Some mums prefer books while others prefer taking classes. Many hospitals offer breastfeeding classes (and often free of charge) for expectant mums. Classes not only give mums options when breastfeeding her baby, but it also helps you build a network with other expecting mums and will provide you with valuable resources for receiving further help once baby is born.

3. Comfort is Key

Many babies are efficient feeders, stopping by for a quick 10 to 15 minutes and then moving on to other business. Others like to take their time, sometimes spending half an hour, an hour, or even deciding to have a snooze while at the breast. Successful breastfeeders speak to being comfortable in case you do find yourself “stuck” on the couch. This not only includes sitting in a comfortable chair and having the television remote nearby.

  • Wear clothing designed specifically for nursing. The stylish breastfeeding clothing offered at Peachymama will protect your back and other skin that would otherwise be exposed to drafts, sun, and other elements which can be bothersome.

  • Bring a bottle of water. Water is necessary for maintaining your milk supply. Sipping on some of that H2O during a feed won’t only keep you quenched (and help fight any hunger pangs in case your bubs caught you at a bad time), but it will help you produce milk for your baby’s current or future feed.

  • Have a form of connection to the outside world. Whether that’s your smartphone, a telephone or a laptop, the last thing a mum should feel is isolated from the outside world. Use this feeding time as a time to stay in touch with friends and family.

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