Baby-Friendly Alternatives to Breastfeeding Covers

Baby-Friendly Alternatives to Breastfeeding Covers

A story about a Canadian mum feeling “shamed” by a flight attendant for openly breastfeeding her five month old baby went viral earlier this March.

The mum claims that a flight attendant threw a blanket towards her husband and advised him to “help her out”, indicating that she should cover herself up while feeding her son. The problem was, her son was unable to feed comfortably with a blanket over him, making the process incredibly frustrating for this young mum and her baby.

While it is perfectly legal to breastfeed in public in Australia, and most airlines permit breastfeeding during a flight, the fact is that many babies, like the child in the news story, strongly protest being covered while feeding, leaving many mums feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Fortunately there are solutions that every mum can try so that both her and her baby remain comfortable whether feeding privately in the home or out among strangers.

Double Duty Slings and Wraps

Many of the slings and wraps on the market today allow for mum to position her baby close to her breast while also keeping her breast covered. With a bit of practice and patience, many mums are even able to feed while walking and going about their day to day activities.

Breastfeeding Clothing

Clothing designed specifically for the nursing mum allows for mums to feed without exposing her breast, back and tummy. The clothing here at Peachymama features a fabric cover that conceals most of the breast while your baby covers the rest. Simply draw your baby in close to you prior to opening the top and you can discretely feed your little one while remaining chic and fashionable.

Swim Suit Cover-Ups

Whether poolside or at the beach, throw a cover-up over your bathing suit that can be lifted from the bottom. Find a cool shady area for you and your baby, and you can easily go completely unnoticed while you feed.

Additional Tips

Planning before you go is key for mums who may feel nervous about feeding in public. A good rule of thumb is to feed your baby before you leave for an outing, or, if you’d prefer, feed in the car prior to stepping into a store. Many malls and other public places now feature nursing rooms so that breastfeeding mums have a quiet retreat for her and baby to settle down and be comfortable.

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