7 Things To Do As Your Due Date Approaches

7 Things To Do As Your Due Date Approaches

Mums-to-be feel a lot more anxious and excited as their due date approaches. They cannot wait to meet their baby but can be a bit worried about how it's going to go. Each pregnancy comes with its own set of challenges. Before your little one is born, there are a few things you should do that help you prepare for motherhood in a better way.  

Get your good night's sleep

Pregnancy can make it hard to sleep, especially during the third trimester. The baby bump grows large, body pains increase discomfort, and pressure on the bladder leads to frequent urination. Mums can get tired more often due to weight gain and changes in their bodies. The due date brings anxiety and stress about labour and delivery. All these things can lead to insomnia and tiredness. Mums-to-be find themselves struggling to find the perfect position to fall asleep. If the pains and contractions keep you up at night, try to catch up on your sleep during the daytime. You will feel refreshed after taking power naps of 20 to 60 minutes. Do your best to catch up on your sleep before your bub arrives. 

Go on quality dates

One of the many things that new mums miss out on is the time spent with their partners. Parenthood can be stressful for both of you, and this is why you should go out on dates and outings while you can. Spend quality time together and be open with one another about your fears and expectations. Seek reassurances from one another. While it may not always work out perfectly, if you and your partner have a few things planned and decided before the baby comes, it will be easier for you both. Hang out at your favourite place together, go for a walk, or make love. Get your dose of happy hormones.

Meal plan for the fourth trimester

In the first few weeks after birth, a mum's body is recovering from the pregnancy and labour. Additionally, you now have a little one who is completely dependent on you. It is why meal preparation is a great thing, especially during the last trimester. Find recipes that are easy and nutritious, and cook them in batches while you wait for your baby to arrive. Not only will it help you relax during the last few days of your pregnancy, but it will also reassure you to know that there is cooked food in the freezer. Cooking and freezing meals in this way means you will not struggle to find the time to cook or eat. All you'll have to do is defrost and warm the meal while your little one sleeps right next to you. A few common and easy freezer meal ideas include pasta, mac-n-cheese lasagne, casseroles, minestrone soup, and tray bakes. 

Emotional self-care

Mood swings are common in the third trimester. This time is stressful for most mums, and they need all the support they can get. Take care of yourself and your needs during this time. Prepare for the baby to arrive and do what feels right to you. Enjoy your time with your partner or your friends by watching movies, shopping, or going for walks. Make yourself happy.

Enjoy your nesting phase

Mums notice a spike in their energy levels during the day. This is often the time when they start cleaning and organising the house. Nesting is the phase where mums-to-be prepare their homes and their lives for the baby. Enjoy this time by putting your organisation skills to complete use. Remember to avoid picking up heavier stuff and do not tire yourself. 

Pack your hospital bag

As your due date arrives, you need to be ready to leave for the hospital at any time. The best way to be prepared is to keep your hospital bag packed and ready. While most hospitals provide mums with a list of all the things they will need to pack, a few common things are snacks, clothes for mum and baby, mum's soap and shampoo, baby's wash, maternity pads, lip balm and moisturiser. 

Celebrate the time before baby

Having a baby is an amazing experience, but it is also quite challenging. For the first few months, you may be struggling to catch up on sleep and organisation. Parents rarely have time to go to social gatherings. Your life changes. So appreciate the quiet you have right now. Live each moment and cherish the time you spend alone or with friends. 

Although the coming due date can make you feel stressed and impatient to meet your little one, this time will soon pass. Make the most of these days and prepare for the busy times you will have with a newborn at home. 

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