Holiday Must-Haves For A Nursing Mum

Holiday Must-Haves For A Nursing Mum

Yes, they're here again!

Christmas holidays are right around the corner and this means parties, end of year drinks and get-togethers - all happening in a short amount of time.

It also means more than a few opportunities to dress to impress

And preparation is the #1 key to success if you're planning on having a stylish wardrobe this holiday season.

The thing is, we're proud of what we do and only want the best for you. Don't believe us? Check out the hundreds of reviews from our wonderful customers.

So here we go...the obligatory Pre-Christmas store sales stuff...

Peachymama is proud to offer funky prints and up to the minute style for the breastfeeding mum. Designed to not only make feeding (or pumping on the go) easy and discreet but make you feel sooooo good.

Our selections have been designed specifically with the new breastfeeding mum in mind, meaning that our clothing will style your beautiful new mum curves while hiding the trouble spots.

Already have a favourite dress? Then your number one item should be a Peachymama nursing slip.

The Nursing Slip

The nursing slip is a holiday “must have” as it transforms any dress in your wardrobe into a pump or breastfeeding-friendly one. Made of a silky smooth Poly/Spandex blend, this slip is comfortable and styles your shape. You'll also wear the Slip in Winter as it provides an extra layer of warmth on those cold wintry days.

The Little Black Breastfeeding Dress

We ladies know full well how important it is to have that “little black dress” which we can wear out to any occasion. New mums who are not interested in wearing a nursing slip can instead wear one of our own little black breastfeeding dresses.

Dress up or down in our oh so popular “Va Va Voom” basic black breastfeeding dress.

If you are looking for a little more Mediterranean  in your outfit, check out the Black Flamenco Breastfeeding Wrap dress or our limited edition Flame Black Breastfeeding Dress.

High Waisted Skinny Leg Pants

Want Post Pregnancy pants?

Our line of post-partum pants are perfect for new mums, though we often hear from mums a year or so later that they still wear these incredibly comfortable and stylish pants.

For the holiday season, we suggest you pick up a pair for yourself.

The high waist provides much needed tummy control and it can later be folded down as you gradually lose weight. From breastfeeding tank tops and tees to mini dresses, our pants can be easily paired with any of them. Complete the look with a cute pair of flats or sexy heels!

Just because you're doing one of the most important jobs ever, breastfeeding doesn't mean you need to hide in the corner at all the pre-Christmas functions coming up. Don't pass up this opportunity to express yourself (like the pun?) with friends and family.

So, plan what you will be wearing early on and you'll be sure to have a funky stylish holiday wardrobe.

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