Why Baby is Constantly Feeding: Breast Milk Is Never Boring For Baby

Why Baby is Constantly Feeding: Breast Milk Is Never Boring For Baby

Try to imagine having to eat the exact same thing every day, all day long. Such monotony is the reason why some concerned breastfeeding mums decide to start their babies on solid foods before the suggested age. Recent studies have shown this thought process to be incorrect, by revealing that flavour of breast milk changes from feeding to feeding, to offer babies new taste experiences at every meal time.

As it turns out, babies never get tired of breast milk because it tastes different every time.

The Old Wive Tale Proves True

Have you ever wondered why you prefer some foods over others? It could have a lot to do with the types of foods your mum ate when you were in utero, as well as what she had when she breastfed you. Long before any research was conducted on the subject, there was thatold wives taleregarding how what a mum ate effected the taste and quality of her breast milk.

It just so happens that a Danish study has shown these old wives shouldnt be take too lightly after all, as results positively support the idea that mumsdiets do affect the flavors of their breast milk!

During this study, a selection of flavour capsules were given to 18 lactating mums. The studys researchers then took numerous samples of milk at various times throughout the course of the day and found that tastes available in a mums food can be passed on to her breast milk for up to 8 hours.

Flavours such as caraway seed and licorice were the strongest within the first 2 hours following consumption and mint peaked in flavour 6 hours after being consumed. Not all flavours showed up in breast milk however, like banana.

Another Reason Mums Should Eat Well

When babies won't stop breastfeeding, they’re believed to grow up to have more breadth in their palate.

Many mums whove breast fed their babies, believe that their babies, when introduced to solid foods, are much more adventurous and eager to try new flavours and foods than babies who were fed formula. As breastfed babies have become accustomed to experiencing a variety of new flavours for a considerably longer time than babies brought up on formula, whove essentially had the same flavour of food every day, this shouldnt really come as any surprise.

Aside from having children who more readily try and accept new foods, it’s another important reason breastfeeding mums should make enjoying a healthy diet a priority for themselves as well. The earlier they expose their babies to the tastes of healthy, quality foods such as fresh fruits and vegetable the stronger the chance they’ll have a long-lasting impact on their babies’ food choices later on in their childhood and even into their adulthood.

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