Breastfeeding And Going To A Wedding?

Breastfeeding And Going To A Wedding?

The invitation to the wedding has been received. You’ve saved the date and popped the RSVP into the mail and are looking forward to witnessing the union of two people who are near and dear to you. But as the day draws nearer, the sudden realisation hits you:

You have nothing to wear.

This is a problem which we ladies face on a regular basis. But if you are trying to piece togethera stunning ensemble for that wedding where you may be seeing friends and family for the first time in years can seem downright impossible.

Here’s the good news: you have options, and plenty of them. Today we hope to give you renewed hope and inspiration that you, a beautiful breastfeeding mama, can put together a fabulous outfit that is not only complimentary, but that is chic and fashion forward.

A Note On What To Avoid

There are some obvious clothing types or styles which will need to be avoided if you plan on breastfeeding (or pumping) during a wedding and the reception.

  • Avoid high necklines
  • Avoid materials with little to no “give”
  • Avoid dresses made of abrasive material (this may irritate your little one during feeding)
  • Avoid clothing which will not accommodate the bra and any other undergarments you plan on wearing

Start With Your Wardrobe First

A lot of what you already have in your closet may not be a good fit. But you may find some items which you can use, including:

  • Strapless dresses
  • Maxi and midi skirts
  • Wrap dresses
  • Draped dresses and tops
  • Jumpsuits

Clothing items which you already own may be able to be pulled down, pulled aside or pulled up to allow for easy nursing (especially our Peachymama range which we’ve designed just for breastfeeding mums). After dressing up the outfit with accessories, a cute clutch, and a gorgeous pair of shoes, you may already find that you are ready for the wedding.

Piecing Together An Outfit

You may have pieces already in your wardrobe which could work, but you need to add something more to make it a complete outfit.

  • Strapless Dresses: Make sure that the dress will be easy to pull down and that you have a nursing bra and nursing pads which can be easily worn with the dress. Then it is all a matter of finding the right shoes and accessories to complement your look.
  • Mid Skirts: Have a cute midi skirt in your closet? Consider wearing it layered with a crop top and a breastfeeding-friendly cami or tank top underneath. Peachymama has a number of different tanks and tops which could complement your look.
  • Jumpsuit: With the right nursing bra, clutch, accessories and shoes, your basic black jumpsuit can be transformed into a cutting edge outfit for the wedding.

If you can’t find anything in your wardrobe or are looking for something fresh and new to wear, consider wearing a dress designed with breastfeeding in mind. We have a number of long-sleeved and short-sleeved dresses which are perfect for celebrating that big day.

Two of our favourite “cooler month” dresses are ourBlack Silk Twist Front Breastfeeding Dress and ourCocktail Twist Front Breastfeeding Dress. Both of these dresses are classic in design and are created from silk/nylon chiffon, and polyester/spandex, ensuring maximum comfort and easy access to the breast.

Another favourite of the Peachymama team is our newCherry Blossom Breastfeeding Dress. Perfect for a spring wedding, this outfit can be dressed up with with a pair of heels and dressed down for a trip to the park with baby.

For those who are expecting to attend a wedding in the autumn and who love funky and stylish patterns, check out ourCrimson Print ¾ Sleeve Dress. Made of polyester and spandex, this dress travels well because it is wrinkle-free!

What To Remember When Dressing For A Wedding

As a breastfeeding mama, you already have a lot of “extras” to plan for in order to attend this upcoming event. Do yourself a much deserved favour and properly plan your outfit so that it is not only easy to feed your baby on this exciting day, but so that you feel as beautiful as you look while you cuddle and snuggle your newest addition.

Whether you find a fab outfit in your closet or need help piecing together a breastfeeding-friendly ensemble,Peachymama is here to help. Check out ourblog for more fashion tips and visit regularly to see what new fashions we have in store for you

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