Breastfeeding? Lose Weight By Changing Your Wardrobe - Not Your Diet

Breastfeeding? Lose Weight By Changing Your Wardrobe - Not Your Diet

During the first week of October, a medical report published in the Journal of Medical Case Reports shares the story of a 32 year old breastfeeding mum who arrived at a Swedish hospital because of nausea, vomiting, trembling, heart palpitations and extremity spasms. What was causing these symptoms, however, was not what the authors, Louise von Geijer and Magnus Ekelund expected.

The breastfeeding mum of a 10 month old son was otherwise healthy had no history of diabetes, and yet was suffering from a condition which typically only affects those with the disease. The mum was diagnosed with ketoacidosis.

What Is Ketoacidosis?

Individuals who suffer from ketoacidosis do not have enough insulin in their body to process glucose or sugars. Your body will then begin to burn fat as fuel. This can also result in a dangerous build up of ketone bodies which will start to poison you. When left untreated, those suffering from this condition die from it.

The woman in this story was 10 days into her LCHF (low carbohydrate and high fat) or Banting diet when, after days of intensifying malaise, she finally admitted herself to the hospital. The doctors concluded that a mix of low carbohydrate and high fat diet while lactating increases the chance of ketoacidosis in mums.

This is because the diet reduces the amount of substrate produced which is needed to produce milk for a nursing baby. This may cause a new mum’s body to become chemically imbalanced and can trigger ketosis or, in this case, ketoacidosis.

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Many new mums feel pressured to immediately hit the gym, diet, and lose that so-called ‘baby weight’ after they give birth. But what mums should really be doing is cutting themselves some slack and appreciate all of the hard work their body just went through (after all, you did just spend the last 40 weeks growing and nurturing and housing a human being!).

Your body will continue to change as the months pass, so give yourself a break and show yourself some love by going on a shopping spree.

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