Celebrating Your First Valentine’s Day as Parents

Celebrating Your First Valentine’s Day as Parents

For all the love your newborn brings into your life, they can also seriously put the brakes on the intimacy you and your partner share, particularly in their first year. It’s not really their fault though – they can’t help being the centre of your world!

While your relationship may have changed since you had a baby, it still deserves to be recognised, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to reconnect. Whether it’s dinner out or a quiet evening in, making it not ‘just another day’ is a great way to celebrate your love.

Make a day of it

It’s Valentine’s Day, not Valentine’s Evening, so try to find ways to keep your relationship front and centre for the whole day. Start with breakfast in bed, leave love notes where your partner will find them throughout the day, arrange a picnic lunch, and end the day with a special moment for just the two of you.

And spontaneity may be sexy, but when you have a baby to consider, planning is the key to a successful Valentine’s Day. You need to make time to be together, otherwise, the chaos of parenthood will take hold and the day will be gone before you know it.

Avoid the cliches

While long-stem roses and expensive dinners are sweet, they are not the only way to do ‘romance’. In fact, smaller gestures can be much more meaningful, particularly when they show your partner how much you know about them.

Instead of falling back on chocolates and flowers, think about what your partner truly values. This could be as small as coffee from their favourite cafe, a back rub, or a nice long soak in the bath.

Set the mood

When it comes to romance, the ambience is everything. Even if you’re just ordering in your favourite takeaway, make a moment out of it by setting the table with some exotic flowers and busting out your wedding china, good silverware, or fancy glasses. Finish setting the mood by lighting some candles and putting on your favourite music.

If you’d prefer something a little less formal, you can plan a picnic on your lounge room floor. Again, low-lighting and candles are key, and you can make the set-up more comfortable and lux with cushions and blankets.

Dress to impress

As a new parent, you’ve probably mastered the art of dressing practically, or at the very least, being comfortable with wearing whatever’s clean (or, cleanest!). This is a special day though, so take the chance to get dressed up.

You’ve probably noticed that what you wear can have a massive impact on how you feel. Similarly, how you’re dressed can really help set the mood and putting in a little extra effort can help show you care.

You still need to be practical though, which is where our great range of "breastfeeding dresses" come in. Not only do they have a fun a flirty look, but they are also designed to make discreetly feeding your little one a breeze. We particularly love our "Rose Midi" and "Sheer Ruffle in Blush Floral", which are perfect for a special Valentine’s Day moment.

Commit to keeping the love alive

One of the best gifts you can give your child is showing them what a happy, healthy, loving relationship looks like. So while you’re enjoying your time together, take the chance to discuss how you will stay connected. Whether this means setting up regular date nights or just agreeing on the importance of physical affection, discussing your expectations will help make sure you both feel loved and supported all year round.

Photo byJonathan Borba onUnsplash

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