Why Clothes Designed For Breastfeeding Mums Make Life Easier

Why Clothes Designed For Breastfeeding Mums Make Life Easier

Welcoming a brand new baby into the world is an incredibly exciting time for mums and dads, but it’s also a time filled with a number of changes.

From sleepless nights to struggles with breastfeeding, mums don’t have it easy during the first years of her baby’s life. One thing that can make her life easier: clothing specifically designed for breastfeeding.

1. Comfortable Feeds for Mum and Bub

Breastfeeding mums who wear conventional clothing face a number of clothing-related issues, from fighting to yank their shirt down low enough to feed their bubs to pulling their shirt up and trying to keep it up by tucking it under their chin or armpit. This also leaves a mums back and tummy exposed, which can make her chilly or self-conscious.

Clothes that have been designed specifically for breastfeeding eliminate the need of pulling on and stretching your clothes. The majority of shirts and dresses we offer here at Peachymama feature blended layer effect over a mum’s bust, with a stretchy top layer easily lifting so that a lower panel can be pulled down to feed your baby. This allows for discreet feeding and prevents discomfort for mum.

2. Celebrating Your New Body

Tabloids may want us to believe that a woman’s body snaps back into shape after she has a baby, but as every mum knows, that’s seldom the case. The birth of you bub means a new body that you should celebrate in (after all, it did just create and carry a life for over 9 months!). The breastfeeding clothing at Peachymama, including our post-maternity pants, are specifically designed to highlight and accentuate a mum’s exciting new mum curves while cleverly concealing any trouble spots.

3. An Instant Outfit

How many times have we seen a new baby dressed to nines in a gorgeous, clean outfit with a mum still in her pajama top and a wrinkled top? Mums love their kids and put them first, and often find that they simply don’t have the time to dress up like they did before baby.

Our range of breastfeeding clothing at Peachymama gives you an instant outfit that is on trend and features colours and patterns that compliment your own unique look.

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