Date Night Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Date Night Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Relationships need time, nurturing and rejuvenation. For both partners to feel connected and understood, you need to spend quality and fun times with each other. This is especially true after your baby is born. Looking after a newborn can take up a lot of energy and stress you and your partner out. Once you have a baby, it can be months before both of you actually go out and enjoy a date night. Going on a date with your loved one can be stressful and difficult, especially if you do not have the help or the budget to go out.

This is why we have put together a list of ideas that won’t break the bank, yet help you and your partner have a wonderful time together:

  • Set a babysitter deal - You may have friends or family members who are going through a similar newborn situation, or have some kids. Try to set up a deal with them where you look after their kids so they can enjoy a date night together and vice-versa. This way, you and they can both find some time to relax and not have to spend money on hiring a babysitter. You will also not have to worry about your baby’s safety or have to rush back home from your date. 
  • Go on a day date - Enjoying a good meal outside with your partner does not have to cost a lot. Instead of choosing a fancy restaurant to dine out in, you can go out for breakfast or coffee together instead! Not only is this a budget-friendly option, but it will also give you both the time and freedom to dine and relax outside without worrying about the bill. 
  • Send your kids away - Having a strong friend and family support group really pays off post-kids. Sometimes, you need a little break in your own home to feel re-energised. If you have family or parents nearby, you can send the kids off for a sleepover a night or two to enjoy some relaxing time with your partner in your home. Feel free to sit down together and reminiscence about the old, carefree days you both had before the kids came along.
  • Go on a long drive - One of the best things about living in Australia (especially near the coastal areas) is how close the beach is. Nothing can be more relaxing than going on a nice long drive by the sea. Try and get some help from a family member or a friend to babysit, so that you and your partner can go out and enjoy your date. There is no need to make specific plans about driving to a particular place. Just pack a few snacks and have a picnic anywhere you like!
  • Couples massage - If you’ve never tried it out before, a couples massage can really turn around your day. This is a wonderful date idea where both you and your partner can enjoy the same ambience and experience. You’ll be able to have some fun and relax at the same time!  
  • Game night - Watching movies at home can be tiring at times, especially if you and your partner cannot decide on what you’d like to see. Try going for the good old board games instead. There are so many adult games in the market that will amuse you and your partner. Maybe even try inviting some of your couple friends over while the kids sleep and enjoy some fun time together.
  • Date night at home - Stressed about where to go? Ditch the idea of going out completely! Plan something interesting at home instead. Bake your favourite snacks or cook a meal together and dance to random music on the radio! Creating a romantic atmosphere at home never hurts either. Light some scented candles, listen to music and simply enjoy your meal together. 

  • Have some beer - Free wine and beer tastings need more love and recognition. Even if you have to pay some nominal fee, find some wine and beer tastings at your local restaurants. Also, keep an eye out for any tastings advertised online! This could be a fun and pocket-friendly outing idea. 
  • Go on a walk - Hiring a babysitter or having someone look after your baby may not always be easy. On such days, take a walk together to the local park with your bub in the stroller and enjoy the scenery and fresh air outside. At the end of your walk, enjoy chatting over a cup of coffee at the local cafe. 


Photo by Bob Oh on Unsplash

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