How Breastfeeding Benefits Mums

How Breastfeeding Benefits Mums

We’re always told the wonderful ways in whichbreastfeeding benefits our babies, but what about all the good it does for mums too?

While there’s no denying that breastfeeding is a wonderful way to connect with your child, and one that’s full of health benefits for bub, it’s nice to consider the ways in which breastfeeding can advantage mothers too.

Saves money

In the first six months of their lives, when babies are exclusively breastfed, there’s really little cost to keep them happy. Studies have shown that a formula fed baby can cost from $134 to $491 per month, which will certainly add up during the first year. Breastfeeding is virtually free, so it’s a great way to save some cash.

Helps shift the baby weight

Numerous studies have shown just how helpful breastfeeding is in losing that baby weight. After the first month, breastfeeding mothers have been shown to have more fat loss than those who formula-feed their babies. Not only this, but mums who breastfeed are proven to return to their pre-pregnancy weight faster than those who don’t.

Provided you can steer clear of the unhealthy snacks, this can be a major advantage for new mothers.

Reduces the risk of disease and illness

Not only is breastmilk great for helping your baby fight off a range of illnesses, but the act of nursing for a mother can also help prevent different types of cancers and osteoporosis.

Research has shown that non-breastfeeding mothers are four times more likely to develop osteoporosis than breastfeeding women. In addition, lower oestrogen levels while breastfeeding help to reduce the risk of uterine, ovarian, and breast cancer.

Menstruation vacation

As breastfeeding releases prolactin, ovulation is delayed for many women while they nurse. This means you can get at least a few months break from menstruating, which is definitely something to celebrate. If you’re looking for a bit of space in between your next child’s birth, it’s handy to have an added contraceptive on board as well – but there are certainly no guarantees here!

Whilebreastfeeding is proven to benefit both mother and child, there’s no denying it can be a tricky skill to master. For more information and advice on breastfeeding to make the journey easier, we invite you to explore more of ourblog, as well as our constantly updated range ofbreastfeeding clothes.

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