How to Choose the Right Nursing Top for Your Baby

When you're breastfeeding, being comfortable is key. But you don't have to give up style. We offer nursing tops that are both stylish and functional. They have a wide range of choices for you.

Finding the perfect nursing top might seem tough with so many options. What styles or features are best? Let's figure it out.

We'll explore the world of nursing tops, looking at top brands and styles. We'll give you tips to find the best one for you. Get ready to find a nursing top that's both comfy and stylish, making breastfeeding easy.

Australia's Trendiest Nursing Clothes for Fashion-Forward Mums

Australia is famous for its innovative fashion brands and designers. These cater specifically to nursing moms. Peachymama stands out with its post-pregnancy nursing wear. They blend style with practicality, offering comfy dresses, tops, and sleepwear that make breastfeeding easy.

Looking for the perfect nursing top can be a hassle-free experience. Whether it's for making a statement or catering to plus size moms, our brands have it all. They ensure trendy, comfy, and accessible nursing wear for fashion-forward Australian moms.

Stylish Nursing Tops for Every Occasion

Nursing tops vary in style for different events. For a laid-back vibe, choose loose tops that make breastfeeding simple. Nursing t-shirts or cross-over styles are great. Pair them with jeans or leggings for a relaxed, stylish look.

For formal events, choose dressier nursing tops. Look for ones with hidden openings or wrap designs. These can be matched with dress pants or a skirt for an elegant outfit.

In warm weather, go for nursing tank tops or camisoles. Choose light, airy fabrics like cotton or bamboo. For the cold, nursing sweatshirts or hoodies are best. They should have zippers or buttons for easy access. Some nursing tops also have built-in bras for extra support.

Fashionable Nursing Dresses for Effortless Elegance

Nursing dresses are both stylish and handy for breastfeeding moms. Wrap dresses are a great pick, flattering all body types. They make breastfeeding easy thanks to their design. These dresses are ideal for any occasion, blending style with functionality.

Maxi dresses are a great formal choice. They bring elegance and flexibility to any event. Their flowing shape and comfy materials make them perfect for nursing moms. They help moms look fashionable without sacrificing comfort.

Shirt dresses are essential for nursing moms. They have buttons or zippers for easy nursing. These dresses offer style and comfort together. You can choose from structured to loose fits, all giving a refined look.

Boho dresses are great for a laid-back style. They're made with light fabrics and have unique details like tassels. These dresses give a casual vibe and are comfy. They also make breastfeeding simple and stylish.

Many nursing dresses have built-in support, which means no extra bra is needed. This feature makes getting ready quicker. Plus, there are lots of affordable choices available. Moms can find high-quality nursing dresses without spending too much.

To sum up, nursing dresses are a great choice for breastfeeding moms. There's a variety, from wrap to maxi, shirt, and boho dresses. They offer style, ease, and comfort. With added support and affordable prices, they're a must-have in nursing wardrobes.

Comfortable and Supportive Nursing Bras

For breastfeeding moms, a comfortable and supportive nursing bra is key. It makes nursing easier when you're out and about. There are many different types to fit various needs and likes.

Wireless Bras

Many moms prefer wireless nursing bras for their comfort and ease. They lack underwire, making them comfy and flexible. They offer soft support for daily use.

Sports Bras

Active moms or those who workout might choose sports nursing bras. These bras have extra support and compression to keep you steady. They're made from materials that breathe and dry fast, enhancing comfort.

Nursing Sleep Bras

Nursing sleep bras are made for comfortable night feeds. They're soft and stretchy, offering light support but easy access. Look for features like pull-aside cups or snap closures for no-fuss nursing at night.

Pumping Bras

Pumping bras are great for moms who pump milk. They have special openings to secure pump flanges, allowing hands-free use. The Medela Easy Expression Bustier is a favored choice for pumping moms.

Nursing Tops with Built-in Bras

Nursing tops with built-in bras are another smart choice. They combine the support of a nursing bra with the style of regular clothes. This means no extra undergarments and easy access for nursing.

It’s crucial to pick a nursing bra that fits well, supports you, and can handle changes in breast size during nursing. Brands like Bravado Designs and Motherhood Maternity offer many options. They have bras with removable cups, adjustable straps, and easy closures.

Plus size moms should look for bras made just for them. Some brands offer extended sizes in nursing tops and bras. This ensures a good fit and proper support for all body types.


Choosing the perfect nursing top is key for breastfeeding moms. It should be comfy, stylish, and practical. Luckily, Australia has many trendy brands for new moms.

Peachymama offer stylish nursing tops. We have casual, formal, comfy, and supportive options. You can find a top for every occasion and style.

Investing in a nursing top helps moms feed their babies confidently. These tops provide easy access for breastfeeding, making it convenient for moms on the move. So, revel in motherhood with tops that keep you and your baby happy and healthy.

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