Instagram Foodie Mums To Follow

Instagram Foodie Mums To Follow

The modern age of cooking sees us leaving the dusty old cookbooks in the cupboard and looking for speedy digital inspiration instead. Gone are the days of reading through faintly printed recipes and not having any photos for comparison, as we’re now in the times of Instagram and foodies.

For the mums needing a bit of inspiration for dinner or the kids that are sick and tired of scrambled eggs three times a week, there are some amazing mums that you need to follow to inspire you to make fun, nutritious and simple meals for the family.

My Lovely Little Lunchbox @mylovelylittlelunchbox

Those early stages of feeding your little one can be like stepping into unchartered territory. Do you need a mess mat? How soft should their food be? Do I need to blend everything into oblivion for it to be safe? Mum of two Kayla Sciacca started My Lovely Little Lunchbox when her little one was beginning the food journey and she developed a range of finger-friendly foods for babies, toddlers, and kids. Her Instagram is full of brightly coloured foods and happy little faces helping out, and there’s no complicated ingredients or complex instructions needed.

Veggie Mama @veggie_mama

If you want to sneak some more fruits and vegetables into your kid’s diets without them being any the wiser, Veggie Mama is the lady to see. The mother and vegetarian shares her plant-based recipes that are easy to create and super nutritious, making it fun for everyone to get their daily servings. Some of her most popular recipes include eggplant chips and chia muffins, but there’s plenty of variety to be found.

The Party Bebe @thepartybebe

There’s nothing more terrifying than hosting a birthday party for your child and not having the foggiest about what you’ll serve all of those hungry mouths, but the Party Bebe is here to help. Offering amazing inspiration for party foods and with plenty of sugar to be found, this is an Instagram mama that follows the ‘everything in moderation’ rule. Ice cream stacks and Mars Bar slices are just some of the treats you can expect to find, and consequently, drool over.

Baby Pip Eats @aimeeats

For food that looks so good you can almost taste it through your phone, head to Baby Pip Eats to see what’s on offer. Mother and creator, Aimee, is also a nutritionist and food stylist so you can be guaranteed a feast for the eyes. She began the page while starting her youngest on solids and shares plenty of ideas for simple but beautiful foods that entice even the fussiest eaters.

Wholefood Simply @wholefoodsimply

For the clean eating mamas or those looking to detox the sugar out of their kid’s lives, Wholefood Simply is the place to go. This doesn’t mean you have to give up on the yum factor though as there’s still plenty to enjoy like cheesecake and chocolate mousse. Mum of three and creator Bianca has made sure to keep recipes easy to follow and without too many complex ingredients, so you can eat cleaner easily.

Easy Toddler Meals @easytoddlermeals

The giveaway is in the title, but if you’re not convinced you should check out the recipes on offer by Charisse Yu made specifically for those fussy toddler taste buds. Charisse creates simple foods but makes them look amazing and some of the recipes are so basic they only require three or four ingredients. If you’re stuck in a food rut with your little ones and need a good shaking, this is the place to be for inspiration.

Baby Food Universe @babyfooduniverse

Following an all organic approach to cooking for kids, the Baby Food Universe page is suitable for the littlest members of the family. Kawaan Al-Jabbouri is a mum of two and cookbook author who puts only the finest natural ingredients into everything she makes. This page is great for those mums who want to be cautious about their kids’ food without making things too bland and unenjoyable.

Kaje’s Food Adventure @kajesfoodadventure

We don’t always have time to whip up gourmet meals from scratch, especially when you know they’ll probably be poked at, nibbled, and then ignored after you’ve put in all that effort. Kaje is a mum and food blogger who gets it, and she pairs most of her recipes with pre-made and fresh ingredients. Recipes include the popular Monster Mac and Cheese that uses cheese powder with almond milk and frozen peas, taking a bit of stress away from mums in the kitchen.

Finding time to be creative in the kitchen when you’re a mum can be hard to do, so we love to share our great finds that make life a little easier – discover them on other posts on our Peachymama blog.

Photo by Jenna Day on Unsplash

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