Keeping Baby Comfy When Traveling (Infographic)

Keeping Baby Comfy When Traveling (Infographic)

Knowing how to keep your baby comfortable when travelling can make the difference between a dream trip or a nightmare journey. Before you set out, there are some key things to keep in mind:

1. Dress Baby In Layers

An overheated baby can be a sicky one, and a cold one will let you know she isn’t happy. By dressing her in layers you have the flexibility to manage different temperatures.

2. Fans For Summer

A handheld battery operated fan can be a godsend when travelling with your baby in cars, buses, and trains in hot weather.

3. Locate Change Tables

All airports have parents rooms, and planes and trains have change tables available on board. Locate those nearest you to make nappy change time easy.

4. Keep Yourself And Bub Hydrated

The air in airplanes can become dry so ensure you and bubs stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. If you’re breastfeeding, bubs may want to feed more often.

5. Dress for Comfort

Breastfeeding can be challenging when travelling long distances, so for mums to be able to wear something they can feed in comfortably and discreetly, well, that’s what Peachymama’s for ;)

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