Nursing Tank Tops – 5 Style Upgrades For New Mums That Are Comfy Yet Well Put-Together

Nursing Tank Tops – 5 Style Upgrades For New Mums That Are Comfy Yet Well Put-Together

Often being a new mum can be incredibly overwhelming, and women who have this important role tend to take a step back and put the needs of their newborn and the rest of the family first, second, third, and fourth on their list of priorities; everything they need to do for themselves never seems as important as the rest.

Most women who have gone through being a new mum for the first time claim that one of the things that they used to be quite conscientious about (that automatically became a “non-need” after giving birth) was style. With their changing bodies and the demands of motherhood, their goal with clothing was no longer to look well-dressed and pretty; instead, they really just wanted to be comfortable. And with this as the new and only goal, the wardrobe was taken over with not so good fitting and unflattering pieces.

The problem with this, was that a lot of women ended up sticking with this fashionably questionable selection of wearables long after the period of being a new mum has passed — and through the many turnovers of seasons and years, it naturally became harder and harder to bounce back into style.

Fortunately, nowadays, there are clothing pieces for new mums designed for comfort, function and style. They are mostly versatile pieces that are easy to dress up and dress down, and some of these are nursing tank tops. These tops work effortlessly well for after-baby bodies, and they have this cleverbreastfeeding opening that allows mothers the freedom to feed their bub anywhere they like easily and discreetly. Best of all, they can be styled in so many ways.

So, for new mums who want to banish the strong tendency to “go frumpy,” here are five styling tips to try with these nursing tops:

  • Pair the nursing top with a structured cardigan and a polka dot pleated skirt, and then wear nice sandals or flats for a trendy get-up that looks anything but matronly.

  • Wear a light and flowy kimono jacket over the nursing top, plus stretchy leggings and strappy sandals for a hip hippie look.

  • Go all “Mummy” by pairing the nursing tank top with a nicely printed baby sling that can double as a circle scarf when not used to carry the baby. It’s overall functional, but smart and stylish.

  • Opt for boho-chic by pairing the structured nursing top with a printed maxi skirt.

  • For a clean and refined look, women can never go wrong with pairing the top with high-waisted A-line skirts. This style of skirt hides a multitude of issues, which is perfect for new mums who are still trying to get rid of extra pregnancy weight around their midsection. Just tuck the top into the skirt and a perfect day style that’s comfy and fun is created.

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