Planning Your Summer Breastfeeding Wardrobe

Planning Your Summer Breastfeeding Wardrobe

Here at Peachymama, we strongly believe that feeling comfortable and confident while breastfeeding is something every mum deserves. While it can be a challenge planning what to wear during these upcoming summer months, there are a number of pieces that can help mums and their babies have the most positive breastfeeding experience possible.

It all starts with a good bra

Having a solid foundation is critical to any great summer outfit. Unlike a standard bra, nursing bras feature snaps, clips, or hooks that make it easy for you to easily fold a piece of fabric down so that you can easily feed your baby without compromising the support of the bra.

When we designed our Bamboo Nursing Bra, we made sure that it was crafted from a natural anti-bacterial material that was stretchy and supportive without the need for underwire. Super flexible and soft, these bras work well with our tops, dresses and tanks.

Fun and feminine dresses

There are loads of fantastic dress styles out there for breastfeeding! We are especially in love with one of our newest arrivals, the Denisa Flower Nursing Dress. Cool, colourful and perfect for any occasion, its gentle curves accentuate the female form while still allowing for easy and discreet feeds.

Another great choice for a casual summer day is our White & Black Stripe Singlet Dress. Made from light fabric, this non-clingy dress will keep you comfortable on even the warmest and muggiest of days.

Heading out to a summer party? Our Havana Nursing Dress is the dress to wear. Stretchy and flattering, this knee-length dress is on-trend with its fashionable cut and bold floral pattern. If you’re at all concerned about catching a chill on a cool summer evening, our dresses can be paired up with our Peachymama Breastfeeding Slip.

The perfect pants

Jeans may not be so comfortable on a hot day, which is why our Black and Dark Blue Loose Fit Pants are a favourite during the summer months. Incredibly light-weight (they’re made from breathable viscose) and featuring a seamless high waistband, these pants can be worn at any length and at any point after delivery.

Over the past couple of years, we have also added a greater selection of leggings of various lengths and materials to our collection. The newest, the Black High Waisted Leggings, is made of breathable light cotton and has been specially designed to support post-pregnancy tummies without restrictive and uncomfortable elastic.

“Top” it all off

Cap sleeves are definitely “in” this season, which is why we’re happy to add two new cap sleeved nursing shirts (in orange or blue stripes) to our extensive line of breastfeeding tops.

We also love our Grey Stripe Over Layer with White Nursing Tank Top. The top layer is made of a soft, draping fabric that nicely conceals any post-pregnancy areas of concern. Beneath is the nursing tank which makes it easy for you to comfortably feed your little one in any environment.

Another new arrival that we are thrilled to add to our collection is the China Blue Beach Nursing Top. Fun and colourful, this loose and light-weight top can easily be paired with shorts, pants, and be pulled over your bathing suit.

Don’t forget the accessories!

Building your summer wardrobe is always a good excuse to buy a new necklace (there are a lot of styles that are perfect for distracting your bub’s wandering hands during feeds!) and invest in a fashionable pair of shoes. Wedge heels in bright summery shades, metallic ballerina flats and slide-ons of all styles are definitely in. For those who love that bohemian vibe, here’s some more good news: clogs have made a major comeback!

For more fashion inspiration and to check out the latest breastfeeding styles, check back with us here at Peachymama at

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