Products Marketed to the Breastfeeding Mum - Are They Really Necessary?

 Products Marketed to the Breastfeeding Mum - Are They Really Necessary?

The baby market of today is loaded with countless items that are supposedly created to make bub’s and mum’s life happier, healthier and easier. But do you really need that breastfeeding pillow? Is it truly necessary to sink hundreds of dollars into a state-of-the-art breast pump?

We’ll shed some light on what we think are some of the best tools and products marketed to breastfeeding mums, and which may not be so necessary. 

The Best Breastfeeding Tools for Mums

The fact of the matter is that all a breastfeeding mum really needs is her breast and a baby, but the tools below can make a breastfeeding mum’s life – and that of her baby – go much more smoothly, particularly during the first few months of nursing.

  • Breast Pump: Mums can skip the pump and hand express, but many find hand expression time-consuming, frustrating, or downright impossible. However, you need not invest in a state-of-the-art medical-grade breast pump, and can even rent one when necessary from a pharmacy.

  • Nursing Bra: Some mums may make do with regular bras, but nursing bras give mum and bub quick and easy access to her breast.

  • Breast Pads: Most – not all – mums experience a leaking breast, especially when her bub is young and feeding regularly. Breast pads tuck nicely into a nursing bra or into nursing clothing and will not only prevent wet spots on your front, but will keep your nipples dry and healthy.

  • Nursing Clothing: The nursing clothing at Peachymama is designed specifically to allow for easy and comfortable feeds, and is far more trendy and attractive than wearing an over-sized t-shirt or stretched out tank top. As an added benefit, mums continue to wear our on-trend fashions even after their baby has stopped nursing!

  • Nipple Cream: Not every mum suffers from cracked or painful nipples, but many do. Having this cream on deck and ready to go if needed is a worthwhile and cost-effective investment in your comfort.

 The Items You May Not Need

There are a few items marketed to breastfeeding mums that in many cases can be skipped:

  • Nursing Covers:  A baby wrap, nursing clothing or having a baby carrier (such as a sling) can completely eliminate this need.

  • Nursing Stool:  Skip this expense and use a footstool, an inexpensive plastic stool from a discount store, or even a stack of books.

  • Nursing Pillow:  Though helpful to many, bed and throw pillows can be just as effective.

Nothing beats being comfortable when you are breastfeeding, whether at home or out-and-about – and this is the driving force behind our post-baby clothing at Peachymama. Looking good, and feeling fine – there’s nothing like it!

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