Shebah: Ride sharing by women for women and children

Shebah: Ride sharing by women for women and children

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the ride sharing phenomenon Uber. Ordinary drivers use their own vehicles as taxis to earn money for themselves and are judged by their passengers on the experience via a mobile app.

However, as news stories pop up every day about various problems that female passengers face, and fears about unsafe drivers, it seems there needs to be a better option.

Shebah is that option, and it presents a gap in the market that we sorely needed as women. Shebah is Australia’s first all-female ride sharing service, driven by women for women (and their children). Regular women drive these cars and offer a safe option for getting home and taking your kids with you, with many cars even equipped with baby seats.

Founded by George McEncroe, CEO and a mother of four, Shebah offers something that no other ride sharing or taxi service has before: a way for women to travel that feels safe for them and their kids. Shebah takes all female passengers, and males up to the age of 18 too, provided they’re accompanied by a female adult.

You Can Get Involved

Not only is the Shebah movement great for passengers, but it’s ideal for mums who want to earn some spare cash. Shebah is proud to state that their drivers keep 85% of their earnings, which is huge compared to other services, and you can work it in with hours that suit you and your family. All they ask of you is that you have a safe and clean car with enough seats and doors and pass their various checks.

If you’ve been looking for a way to make some extra cash or just want to get involved in the all-female ride sharing movement, you can check out the Shebah website for more information. You’ll need to earn your state specific Driving Accreditation and tick off other safety measures like a criminal check, but they can show you how easy it is to do.

This could be an ideal gig for a stay at home mother who not only wants to earn some cash but help out fellow females at the same time. For more outside of the box ideas on how to earn money as a mother,check out the rest of the Peachymama blog to be inspired.

Photo by Cory Bouthillette on Unsplash

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