Sleep Deprived Mumma? 5 Household Jobs That Can Be Easily Outsourced

Sleep Deprived Mumma? 5 Household Jobs That Can Be Easily Outsourced

Unless you are Superwoman, feeling snowed under a pile of washing, shopping, cooking and cleaning may have become a fact of life since becoming a mum. These tasks were always there, pre-kids, but have since increased threefold. There are, however, still only 24 hours in the day. No wonder there are occasional (or daily) feelings of overwhelm, exasperation or even dread as to how it will all be accomplished.

The most common tip you will have received to stave off sleep deprivation is to ‘sleep when the baby sleeps.’ Unfortunately, this precious piece of advice does not take into account the mountain of tasks that only take half the time with a sleeping bub. You would not be the first mum to choose to do that load of washing instead of the extra hour sleep, or cleaning the house once the kids are in bed. But sleep deprivation is cruel, and it can wreak havoc on all areas of your life. Emotional regulation is impaired, meaning a reduced ability to cope, leading to possible mood issues and anxiety. Your immune function is also affected; you are four times more likely to catch a cold. These are just to name a few problems!

So ladies, let’s start outsourcing! There are a number of ways to outsource the household tasks that you dislike the most. We have compiled a list of five daily tasks that can be easily outsourced to create a moment in your day to just stop, breathe, and relax (cup of tea recommended!).

  1. House cleaning

This is number one on the list of the successfully outsourcing mumma. Hiring a cleaner for your home on a regular basis allows you the space to rest when your baby is sleeping, with the knowledge that tomorrow your cleaning fairy will arrive and your house will be spotless. Cleaning companies are great but can be quite costly, so try the local noticeboard or ask for recommendations from neighbours and friends.

  1. Washing

That never-ending pile of dirty washing is just that: never ending. Consider engaging your local laundromat, many of which will provide a wash, dry, and fold service. Some cleaners will also be willing to complete this task while cleaning your home, so shop around for a service that best suits your needs.

  1. Shopping

Supermarket home delivery is a highly underrated service for the working or stay-at-home mum. Most supermarkets just add on a flat fee to your order, which you can complete online without having to leave the house.

Consider subscribing to an organic fruit and vegetable box delivered straight to your door every week.

Some nappy companies offer a subscription service, which is delivered to your door, meaning you will never run out of clean nappies or wipes in the middle of the night.

  1. Meal planning

The inspiration and energy to create Masterchef-inspired meals every night may have waned since giving birth (and understandably). Fully nourishing the new mum requires a bit of knowledge and a level of planning, so why not let an expert do the work and consider using one of the numerous meal planners found online, specifically developed for the new mum. Most will create a shopping list too, so one less thing to do!

  1. Child-care

Unfortunately, many mums feel they can only justify a child-care or baby-sitting service for their older child or little one if they have a commitment unsuitable for them. Lacking sleep is the PERFECT reason to outsource the care of your child, if only for an hour. This enables you to stop, rest, and reset.

Consider starting by outsourcing just one of these tasks and watch how space is created in your day. A moment to fill up your cup will do wonders for your state of mind, your body (and your family) will definitely thank you for it.

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