The Benefits of Bamboo for You, Baby and the Planet

The Benefits of Bamboo for You, Baby and the Planet

Parents naturally want the best for their families, and that includes the fabrics they and their children wear and use in their homes. What may arguably be the newest and most in-demand fabrics available to date is bamboo, but is it really as safe as people say it is?

Bamboo Fabric is Perfect For Baby and Breastfeeding Clothes

Bamboo features a variety of desirable qualities that make it an ideal choice for parents and their kids alike.

  1. Bamboo is softer than cotton

Bamboo is incredibly soft and doesn’t irritate the skin. In fact, bamboo fabric has been compared to being as soft as cashmere! You can experience it yourself by trying on one or more of our Peachymama bamboo nursing tanks, dresses, and tees.

  1. Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton

Bamboo is able to wick moisture away from the skin seamlessly. Its natural absorbency is ideal for keeping baby’s sensitive skin protected from drool and dribbles. Mums will appreciate the material’s ability to keep spit-up, breast milk, and other fluids off of her skin to prevent irritation.

  1. Bamboo is hypoallergenic

Babies, in particular, are prone to skin problems like eczema. Bamboo, being hypoallergenic, can reduce the symptoms of such skin problems as well as asthma and allergies.

  1. Bamboo is antibacterial

Because the fabric is antibacterial, your baby’s overall health can be improved simply by wearing bamboo clothing. A mum who wears antibacterial clothing may also be contributing to her baby’s well-being as her bamboo attire will actively be protecting her against bacteria which can be harmful to her and baby.

  1. Bamboo offers natural UV protection

A little known fact about bamboo fabric is that it offers UV protection. Bamboo can provide UV protection up to SPF56, and the same protection will remain consistent after several washes.

  1. Bamboo is perfect for all climates

Bamboo is a naturally breathable fabric, meaning mamas and their little ones will stay cool in the summertime. The fabric’s same thermal regulating properties also mean that it will keep you and baby warmer in cooler weather.

  1. Bamboo fabrics stay looking great for longer

Another great benefit to bamboo is that it retains its gorgeous “like new” appearance for longer than other fabrics. Not only can it be machine-washed and dried, but it also won’t pill as other fabrics can.

Protect the Planet and Choose Bamboo

By choosing bamboo, we are helping preserve our planet by reducing our carbon footprint on the earth. This is because bamboo is:


Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. After harvesting, bamboo can replenish itself easily within a year (some species can even grow 4 feet a day!). Its resiliency and natural prolific qualities mean it doesn’t need pesticides or fertilizers to thrive.


Requiring little water and no chemicals, it’s an environmentally friendly plant that also absorbs more CO2 from the air than cotton and timber. It releases more oxygen into the air as well, improving overall air quality.


Being 100 percent natural and biodegradable, once your bamboo breastfeeding attire has no further use you can either pass it along (since it will retain its freshness and “like new” appearance for a longer period of time than cotton clothes) or it can be recycled as it will naturally biodegrade, leaving a minimal impact on the environment.

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