The Best Things About Being A New Mum

The Best Things About Being A New Mum

Although being a mother is a pretty sweet deal overall, there are some truly special things that are reserved for your very first time. In the first year especially, there are highs and lows that you never thought conceivable, and plenty of wonder and magic scattered along the way.

There’s no doubt that becoming a mother changes you completely, but here are just a few things you can look forward to as a new mum.

The Firsts

The first 12 months of your baby’s life is full of firsts and milestones that you’ll eagerly await with every passing second. There’s the first time they smile, the first time they roll over, their first attempt at crawling, and of course the monumental first steps.

The excitement of these impending firsts will fill your days, and you’ll find yourself full of a pride you never knew existed when you see your baby achieving great things. Of course, this is still an amazing thing to witness for any subsequent children, but there’s nothing quite like the first time your child ever smiles at you and means it.

The Bonding Time

Whether you choose to go back to work for personal reasons or financial ones, eventually many mothers do return to the workforce. This fact makes the first few months when you can be truly alone with your baby, with no responsibilities to anyone else, the ideal time to soak up all the new baby love.

These first days, weeks, and months with your baby are when your lifelong relationship will begin. You’ll be lost in snuggles, kisses, and gazing at your baby for what can seem like hours on end. The days might all blur together into one big lovefest, but you’ll never forget this amazing time.

The Change in Self

There’s no doubt that becoming a mother changes you. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually you can be sure that you’ll never be the same person you were before. Going from being a solo person, whether you’re in a relationship or not, to being fully responsible for a tiny human life is enough to change anyone to the core.

The good news is, these changes are all for the better, and you’ll be hard pressed finding a mother who doesn’t think she’s a better person for becoming a new mum. In fact, studies have even shown thatbecoming a mother changes your brain in areas that control empathy, social interaction, and anxiety, so there’s science to back up why you might be feeling like a new woman.

The Change In Your Relationship

Not only do you change when you become a parent, but your other half does too. For those who have a partner with them on this journey, you might notice yourself seeing them in a completely different light.

Sure, things will be different in the romance department and you might not have as much time for each other as you once did, but you can rejoice in the fact that you created this amazing baby together. Seeing your partner bond with the baby can give you just as much joy as it does to experience yourself, and it might even bring out a softer and more sensitive side that you’ve never seen before.

The Blissful Ignorance

Although there are plenty of nice things about being a new mum, nothing quite tops the blissful ignorance you’ll experience. From the very first day you knew you were pregnant, you probably had pretty strong ideas and beliefs about the type of parent you’d be, what you would and wouldn’t allow your child to do, and how you’d raise your baby.

The good thing about babies is they can make you completely turn all of those beliefs on their head, and they’ll usually do so the first week of their arrival. Being a new mum means you learn to roll with the punches and allow things to happen that you never thought you would, all for the sake of a little sanity and happiness.

An Exciting Time

There’s no doubt that becoming a new mum is an exciting time, and there are plenty of bests you’ll experience. Each day will give you something new. Not all of them will be exciting, but these small things are often the very essence of what makes motherhood such an amazing job.

Take the time to appreciate the little things that happen throughout your day, and don’t expect every day to be full of milestones and laughs. Motherhood is a journey of ups and downs, a little boredom, and never ending lessons learned and taught along the way.

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