Wearing the postpartum Jeans After You've Had Your Baby

Wearing Jeans After You've Had Your Baby

There seems to be some great stigma attached to fitting into your jeans straight after the baby is born.

Most of us can't and that is the truth. I remember being feeling quite flat about buying a new pair of jeans that were three sizes bigger than I had worn before I was pregnant.

Surprisingly, it didn't take too long to get back to sizes I recognized, but why put yourself through the stress, there are a lot of other cool and comfortable alternatives such as leggings, cargo pants, slouchy linen pants, and trousers with a thick elastic band of fabric around the mid section, can really give support especially if you have had a caesarian.

Or if you must wear jeans, because it's who you are, then put away the super skinnies for a while and opt for a more relaxed cotton/denim mix, or some of the new really flattering styles that hold in your tum and have lots of stretch. Or even a pair of Capri jeans with a longer (empire line which goes under the bust and great for breastfeeding) top, and some flats. That always looks classic and hides the muffin tops!

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