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10 Hacks for Breastfeeding Mamas

December 09, 2016

10 Hacks for Breastfeeding Mamas

Breastfeeding can be a tricky business at the best of times. So here are our 10 favourite hacks for making breastfeeding that little bit easier!

1. Pump directly into milk storage bags

If you are expressing or pumping milk, invest in milk storage bags and pump directly into them. This helps you capture every drop and saves time. Just pump, seal, and throw it into the fridge or freezer!

2. Which side did I just feed on?

If you need help remembering what side your baby last fed on, use a hair band or bangle on your wrist, a safety pin or hair clip on your collar, or anything else that can help you remember which side you used last.

3. Save time by expressing with a double pump

If you are looking atbuying a breast pump, go for double! Choosing a double breast pump will allow you to express from both sides at once, cutting your pumping time in half. This is particularly handy for mums planning on returning to work, whilst continuing breastfeeding.

4. Store pump parts in the fridge!

If you only have a short amount of time to express milk, store your breast pump shield and any other necessary bits and pieces in the fridge in between sessions. Washing them thoroughly each time isn’t always necessary (particularly for older babies). Just chuck bottles and attachments in a zip lock bag, and put them in the fridge to keep them fresh. Leave the thorough washing for evening.

5. Invest in the right bras and clothing

If you want to keep breastfeeding as long as possible, it pays to invest inquality feeding bras andcomfortable feeding clothing to make life as easy as possible. If you feel great and can confidently and comfortably feed whilst out and about, you will have much more enthusiasm for sticking with breastfeeding. Take a look at ourPeachymama range for some stylish, practical and fuss-free clothing.

6. Teething, fussy baby? Make breast milk icy poles!

A great idea, when bubs is teething and really wanting something to chew on, is to make ice blocks or icy poles using your breast milk! The coldness helps relieve pain with the added bonus of nutrition and hydration from your milk. You can do this by buying small icy pole moulds, or simply by using a dummy with a cap cover. Simply pour expressed breast milk into the dummy cap, put the dummy in place and store in the freezer.

7. Keep water handy

Breastfeeding can be very thirsty work, and there is nothing more annoying than sitting down to breastfeed only to discover that you are suddenly dying of thirst! So get into the habit of filling several water bottles in the morning, and leaving them around the house in easy reach, wherever you commonly breastfeed throughout the day (like the coffee table beside the couch, beside the bed, or in baby’s room).

8. Make use of technology

With the advances in technology in recent years, mums are getting more tech savvy than ever! There are some brilliantapps around now which can help keep track of when you breastfeed, which side and for how long you breastfeed, and even when you last changed your baby’s nappy. If you are struggling to keep track of everything through your exhausted haze, grab an app!

9. Get comfy!

When you are spending large blocks of your day breastfeeding, make sure you set yourself up to be as comfortable as possible. Nursing pillows that wrap around you are great, but even ordinary pillows will help to take the pressure off your back and shoulders. A pillow behind your back can work wonders too.

10. Keep one-handed snacks within reach

If you are struggling to find the time toeat nutritious meals in between feeding sessions, keep some healthy one-handed snacks handy for when you sit down to feed. Good options include fruit and nuts, or you could even try baking some lactation cookies utilising breast milk boosters such as brewer’s yeast, oats and flax seeds.

Looking good!

These hacks, together with our designed-for-breastfeeding Peachymama clothing range, will help you to feel and look good this season.



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