Coping With Sore Nipples

Coping With Sore Nipples

One of the most common ongoing woes which new breastfeeding mums face a day or two after delivering and feeding their bubs are sore nipples. Whether you are a first timer or an experienced nursing mama, sore nipples can and do affect the majority of breastfeeding mums.

The good news is that no mum needs to continuously suffer through such pain. Below are our Peachymama tips for managing your sore nipples, one step at a time, and it all starts with contacting a lactation consultant.

Get The Right Latch

The number one reason why mums are forced to deal with sore nipples is because they are not getting the right latch with their bubs. Knowing what works and what doesn’t often takes the help of a trained professional, such as a lactation consultant. Here in Australia, a number of lactation consultants are available (free of charge!) and can be found by contacting your local hospital or health department, pediatrician, or you may be able to obtain the contact information of one through the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

Keep It Dry

Another reason why mums often experience sore nipples is because their nipples are constantly wrapped in a wet environment. Make sure that your nipples are kept as dry as possible by:

  • Investing in high quality breast pads that can wick away moisture

  • Changing your breast pads frequently

  • Allowing your nipples to air dry

Change your breast pads between each feed so that they are not always wet, and consider rubbing some colostrum or breast milk directly onto your nipples to help ease the pain. Both have anti-bacterial properties which, when allowed to air dry, will keep your nipples happy.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Our final tip is to wear clothing which is not restrictive to your upper body. When your milk comes in, your breasts will increase in size and may add some extra constraints to your maternity clothing and the nursing bra you had picked out prior to birth.

This is why we at Peachymama offers an extensive line of breastfeeding tops that are made from a stretchy fabric which will grow and shrink with the many changes your body will undergo over these next weeks and months. Not only are our fashions and patterns on trend, but we have designed them to keep mums comfortable while also making breastfeeding your bubs a breeze.

We welcome you to visit our online shop which boasts the most cutting edge nursing fashions.

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