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Qualities Of A Perfect New Mum Shoe

December 25, 2015

Qualities Of A Perfect New Mum Shoe

Once upon a time your go-to shoe may have a heel ranging anywhere form 2 to 6 inches and it was the most stylish shoe to come out of Paris or Milan. As a pregnant or new mum, however, comfort tends to take the driver’s seat while style sits somewhere in the back.

Here’s the good news: You do not need to sacrifice fashion for comfort. AtPeachymama, we know quite a bit about keeping new breastfeeding mums feeling great while staying fashionable – by offering funky fashions which allow for discreet feeds.

Footwear is an essential element to completing any outfit we create, which is why we have compiled this quick list of what you should be looking for in footwear you will wear this summer to stay cool, comfortable, and on trend.

The Shoes Should Be Easy To Put On

New mums have enough things to deal with during the day so trying to wrangle on a pair of tight shoes or tying up laces. The shoes you choose to wear should be easy to slip on without you needing to bend over (you will appreciate this a lot if you are currently pregnant or have had a c-section!). This leaves you with one of two options:

  • Sandals or flip flip shoes; and

  • Flats

Flats will likely be the more elegant choice, but do not underestimate the flip flop sandal. Visit your nearest shoe store today and you will undoubtedly be astounded by the array of cute flip flops which are at your disposal.

The Shoes Should Be Supportive

Whether you are pregnant or nursing, the changes in hormones cause the ligaments in our feet to suffer. This is why many women who, after being pregnant, say that their feet grew a size.

Fashion is important, but support is even more important when it comes to both current and lifelong comfort. Make sure that the shoe you choose has arch supports whenever possible. If you are choosing a runner, ankle boot or pump, try to find one which will also offer ankle support for greater comfort.

The Shoes Should Allow For Size Changes

If you are currently pregnant, you may be battling with swollen feet – especially as temperatures are escalating at this time of year. When purchasing shoes, make sure that they will offer that extra room which you need now to stay comfortable, but not too much room that they will likely not fit after the pregnancy is over.

For morenew mum tips, we invite you to read through other posts on the Peachymama bloghttp://www.peachymama.com.au/blogs/breastfeeding.

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