Three Unexpected Clothing Essentials For New Mums

Three Unexpected Clothing Essentials For New Mums

Many mums can relate to the need to slice and dice their own clothing budget once their bub is born. Even the most fashionable of us cannot resist reallocating our new mum clothing allowance to purchase that downright adorable sparkling pink tu-tu for our new baby girl, or that all too cute mini tracksuit for our infant sons.

At Peachymama, we’ve it our business to provide new mums with clothes that are not only stylish and cutting-edge, but which is also comfortable and will make their lives easier. We believe that you can look great while feeling great at the same time, which is why we have put together this list of new clothing essentials for every new mum.

First on the list:

Cute Slip-On Shoes

  • Slip-on shoes quickly become a new mums best friend once she realizes the many benefits which come with wearing a pair.

  • Slip-on shoes mean not needing to put a sleeping or upset baby down to tie your shoes.

  • Slip-on shoes means not needing to worry about your bub falling out of her carrier as you bend over to tie on or pull on shoes.

  • Slip-on shoes means not needing to bend over and irritate your C-section area or any other stitches.

Fortunately, in Australia are just about to enter the summer months and a pair of basic flip-flops will do. But look into ballerina flats, moccasins, and striped espadrilles as well to shake up your summer wardrobe!

Flat Stud Earrings

Hoops may be out of the question when you have a newborn or baby at home, but a select number of studs can be safely worn. The flatter the stud earrings are the better as this provides your baby with the least amount of surface area to grab and tug.

Stretchy High Waisted Pants

Not just any pair of high waisted pants will do. Despite high waisted pants making a comeback in terms of popularity, our high waisted pants here at Peachymama are different as they are seamless so that no seams will rub against any sensitive areas (this is particularly important if you have had a c-section!).

Our high waisted pants are also a staple in many mums’ wardrobes because as your body naturally loses weight after the birth of your baby, the stretchy fabric will immediately adapt to those changes. The high waist band can be easily folded down later on which allows you to significantly extend the life of these pants.

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